24 September 2012

What's in my September Glossybox 2012

Although the September Glossybox has been revealed and every beauty blogger has blogged about it, I thought I would share my box and reveal what I got this month. After all, we all get something different. 
This months box was especially designed by illustrator Maggie Li just in time for London Fashion Week. I have to admit, this is probably the prettiest beauty box I have EVER received. Mint green, pink and white? It has my name written all over it! So, lets get down to the main point, what did I get?

Glossybox September 2012*

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Loreal Techni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse
Loreal Techni Art Smooth Control Gel Cream
4 Sachets of Rodial samples

All samples are well known brands which is great. This means I won't be hesitating to try any of the samples. I have used the Vitamin E cream when I was younger and although I haven't used it in recent years, I must say that it's still as great as I remembered. I have not used the eye cream yet, that's something I will get round to once my current eye cream is finished and for the Loreal hair products, I can't fault them. I have used Techni Art products before, they deserve all the hype they receive because they simply work. The Rodial sachets certainly sound interesting and being a big Rodial fan, I can't wait to use the snake serum, it sounds incredible! Finally, regarding the Lady Gaga Fame sample, I have said this before and I will continue to say this again, I am not impressed with perfume samples. Yes, you get to have a whiff and smell what the scent is about but hey, you can also pick these samples up from your local beauty counter for free.

Overall, another great box from Glossybox. I certainly will be using EVERYTHING this month and I am definitely keeping the cute box to store some bits and bobs.

Have you got yours? What was inside? 


  1. Let us know about the Rodial once you try them out!

  2. OMG...I love your new layout!!
    The previous one takes about 2 minutes to completely see the blog *yes, my internet speed connection is suck*, now it't less than 1 minute to visit your blog, yay!!!!!
    Aaahh..I'm curious about Rodial products, please do a review when you try them out :)

  3. New layout is really nice.
    Could you write more abiut these perfumes from Lady Gaga? I am really wondering if they're as nice as everyone's keep tellin' ;))

  4. I love the box! I was hoping the USA's version would have a nicely designed box for September... but sadly it didn't. For the USA version, all the products were decent sized. A downer that this month's UK Glossybox has sample sized items :[

    BUT, loving the new layout though!

  5. I really really really should subscribe to glossy box!!! This box is so beautiful and I see alot of people tend to store make up in them!
    Love your blog


  6. Oh wow, so cool that you got a sample of the Rodial snake serum! It's suppose to tighten your skin! Really good for preventing skin from sagging/aging.


  7. I'm not a fan of the Lady gaga perfume, but I love everything else in the box, love your new blog make over too!
    Daniella x


  8. The box is so pretty! I love mint color. I feel the same about fragrance samples, but everything else looks good!

  9. Gossybox is always a bit hit and miss, as you would expect but this box seems very interesting. However, I cancelled my subscription a while back and now keen to try out rodial samples, esp the snake serum! wowsa

    Jen xoxo



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