25 September 2012

Victoria Secrets Haul

After a long anticipation, Victoria Secret has finally landed in the UK! It opened it's first store at Westfield Stratford followed with a flagship store on New Bond Street. Unfortunately, these are both located in London so until they offer online shipping, you might have to pay London a visit to get your hands on some VS. If you do, I suggest visiting the Bond Street one, it's so pretty and luxurious in there. Room after room is decorated beautifully and the stair case is to die for! The flagship store is 4 floors high, thats a LOT of underwear in there. 
If you watch my VLOG video, I explain the offer they were doing. Each item is around £9-13 each but VS are doing 3 items for £21 or 5 items for £25, now that's what I call a bargain. Of course, I went for the 5 items, I am not sure how long the offer is on for though. The items I ended up purchasing were Mango Temptation Body Scrub, Mango Temptation Body Cream, Pure Seduction Body Lotion, Coconut Passion Body Wash and Vanilla Lace Body Mist. The items remind me of The Body Shop but with a more sensual scent, TBS tend to go for more fruity scents. 
I used the Pure Seduction Lotion last night and it smelt divine!! I might need to head back to stock up, just in case the offer ends. YIKES!

Do you like VS products? Have you been to the London store yet? 



  1. aww I really want to try out VS but haven't got the chance since they don't have stores here in Australia! =[ I hope they at least offer worldwide shipping or something soon...

    Love the new blog layout by the way<3


  2. For those who happen to read this message, I'd like to make a note that the offer is only available at the Stratford Westfield branch and not the flagship store in New Bond St, so if your planning to stock up on smellies, make sure you are aware that it isn't available in N.B.S :)

    Amazing products, and they smell SOO good!! So glad they've made their way to the UK <3


  3. Great post♥ They all look so tempting! I really wish I had a Victoria's Secret near me!! :(

  4. A friend of mine went on a road trip/holiday to the US and brought me back a body lotion from Victorias Secret, it smelled amazing and I'm so sad it's run out :(, especially as I think it was a limited edition... Oh well, other ones to try :) x


  5. i still haven't been to the store, work is so hectic ! x

  6. Bombshell and Bombshell Seduction are my favorite perfumes~ I also really like Sheer Love~

  7. great haul. I wish Victoria Secret Shop was in my country.


  8. i cannot wait to go to VS soon!


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