18 September 2012

LFW: Pam Hogg SpringSummer 2013

I haven't made much of an effort this London Fashion Week. With a new apartment and my online shop, I really did not have time to spare but having missed last season's Pam Hogg show, I really wanted to make an effort for this one. I have heard all sorts about Pam Hogg shows, from the crazily cool dressed attendees to the daring and flamboyant outfits, it really was extraordinary. 
Before the show I was invited backstage by The Body Shop (Official Makeup Sponsor) to speak to Lead MakeUp artist Lan Nguyen. Lan described the look as matte, pale and simple. I was impressed how the light brown false eyelashes made the model's eyes look doll like, it was mesmerising. I also got to preview some of the Spring/Summer 2013 eyeshadows. Categorised into 7 colour families, the eyeshadow is smooth, silky and highly pigmented. They are so creamy that MA Lan had used them on the cheeks as a blush and on the lips as a lip colour . I am SO excited for these to launch. 

(All photo's my own)



  1. can't wait to see what streetwear will come out of the podium. the eyeshadows are amazing

  2. Looks like such a fun show!! I was at fashion scout on sunday and it is a lovely location! x


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