1 September 2012

KMS Hair Play Dry Wax Review

When I got my hair cut two weeks ago, my lovely hair stylist used this amazing product on me. She blow dried my hair straight but having fresh layers just cut in, I wanted them to be prominent so she introduced me to this fairy dust. She sprayed this dry wax into the ends of my hair and gave them a VERY gentle ruffle and WALLA, my layers were defined, noticeable and messy looking, just how I like my hair. It was so good I bought a can there and then. It's my first time trying dry wax, in fact I had never heard of such goodness before. I can now safely say, it's a new addition to my everyday essential hair products. LOVE!


  1. Ooooh I've never heard of dry hair wax before! Do you think it would work on African descent hair? :)

  2. Dry hair wax in a bottle?? Oooo Sounds good. I used KMS before and didn't workout for me :( Might try his though. Great post :)xxx


  3. Dry hair wax! I am not sure how it will be? But I read describe. So I think it will be useful.
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  4. I really do love both – they're both so different but awesome! Those leggings are RAD
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  5. Attempted this and I had the issue of it liquefying the bowl in the mircowave then getting all over everything.it additionally solidifies quick. Did anybody attempt this with achievement? mens-reviews.com/best-hair-wax-products-for-men/


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