27 September 2012

4 Cute and Easy Hairstyles

Since you guys requested more hairstyles, I have put together these 4 cute and easy hairstyles. All easier than it actually looks! There's a hairstyle for everyone i.e the braided for long hair girls, the cute bunches for girls who like looking cute, the elegant one for a more grown up sophisticated approach and the casual side ponytail for those who prefer easier hairstyles, perfect for those on the go! Hope you likey! I really enjoy doing these videos, let me know if you want more, more and even MORE! =D 



  1. I enjoyed the braided hairstyles! Thanks a lot xo♥

    However, my bangs are like, shorter than the rest of my hair and I have layers so it was quite hard to do and my arms started to hurt! haha but still a good hairstyle either way ♥

  2. Great Tutorial....I have same length hair as you and never really adventurous with my hair as always too lazy and like you, always prefer my hair down and slightly messy. Will give out the hair styles a go tho. Ta
    Jen xoxo


  3. I think I'll have to wait a bit until my hair has grown out more I'm afraid :( cute hairstyles though! X

    :: LUCYSLUXE ::

  4. Love the hairstyles, thankyou for the tutorial! ^_^

  5. Really cute styles! Shame for me I've just cut my hair short! :O


  6. ah these looks are so nice :) your really really pretty, wish I looked like you! I love your blog its great!


  7. i really really love the bun style!


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