19 July 2012

The Double Cleanse! Clean and Clear Makeup Removal

I can't stress enough at how important it is to make sure your skin is squeaky clean before you sleep, especially if you wear a fair bit of makeup like me. I NEVER EVER go to sleep with makeup on, not only is that bad for your skin, it also feels pretty uncomfortable! 
People normally get confused, why double cleanse, I have already cleansed my face the first time?  Well, especially if you wear makeup, getting rid of the surface's dirt and actually deep cleansing your skin is two separate methods. You wouldn't scrape the mud of a car and call that clean right? You need to go back in and treat your skin, clean it and allow it to breathe.  

There are tonnes of makeup removing solutions, oils, gels, creams and so on. I go for the oil as I think it removes makeup the best, and this Biore one doe's not leave any greasy residue. Some may do but that's only because you're supposed to wash your face after. You don't need to use a lot of products, just what you need. You can even skip out wiping off your eye makeup and go straight in with oil, but I find that quite messy. 

I started to suffer with acne two years ago; some of you may already know this from my previous videos. It took me a long time to get rid of it and to finally keep my skin under control, it was down to keeping the face squeaky clean, that's were the clarisonic comes into it. I normally thought my makeup removal was quite good until I stared at the dirt that was sitting on top of the brush head. A quick face wipe just won't cut it.  I can honestly say the clarisonic has changed my life, changed my skin. By the way, Tommy bought me it for Christmas; I was not sent it or paid to say anything! LOL

Products Used
Biore Eye Makeup Remover
Biore Cleansing Oil
Neutrogena Face Wash
Clarisonic mia 



  1. You still look pretty without makup!

    Cute look
    I really like it :)

    Trends I Love
    How to easy curls

    I appreciate your feedbacks : )

  2. I thought it was only me who double cleansed when taking off makeup. I've tried all sorts of cleansers but my face never really seems clean unless I double cleanse! BTW I'm thinking about getting a Clarisonic but not sure if it would work because I've quite sensitive skin, that's prone to redness around my cheeks and nose. Just wondering, in your opinion do you think it would be suitable for someone like me or would it be too harsh? Love your blog! x


  3. the really hard part for me is to take off my eye liner. it is sooo freakin hard. i look like a panda afterwards. lol. thank you for this! ❤ misskatv.com

  4. girl u r suprb..
    i ws nt aware abt double cleanse..
    actually thanks fr post..
    :) :)

  5. @Mary tee Yes I would still recommend the clarisonic. I have sensitive skin too, I use the sensitive brush head =)

    1. Thanks Suzi! Looks like I'll have to invest in one - been eyeing it up for ages but kept putting it off because I wasn't sure if it would be suitable for my skin. Thanks :) x

  6. Well, well.. My skin is awfully sensitive.. and i tried many cleansing products.. But still i have always small spots>< But i clean my face everyday..and i also make a double clean.. = =

  7. Ciao Suzi!

    About 4 years ago I started suffering from acne as well. It was horrible. But about a year or a year and a half my mum bought me this Norwex microfiber suede cloth that is ment to be used for makeup removal (you can even not use any product with, they claim). But I used it with my Neutrogena cleanser (the one you use in this video) and cleaned my face with the cloth. And I swear! It helped me so so much! I used it everytime I washed my face ( maybe too often, but it worked for me), and now I got rid of that terrible acne problem! In case this catches anyone's interest, they can be found at http://www.norwex.com/

    So yes, Suzi, thumbs up for clean and healthy skin! :)


  8. hello Suzi! I love my clarsonic too and have only rencetly really used it. Just a few questions for you: how often do you use it? how often do you change the brush heads? and how often do you give the brush head a deep cleanse?

    thanks! your videos are lovely as always!!

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