9 July 2012

Summer Foundation Routine: Missha BB Cream

In summer I prefer to use bb cream over foundation. If I need more coverage, I just mix the two. I also prefer asian branded bb creams over the more newer western brands, I find that the asian brands grasp the concept better, offering amazing coverage and skincare benefits at the same time whilst western bb creams are more like tinted moisturisers. Obviously, asian bb creams suit my skin tone more too =) 

My tan has lasted from my holiday and my skin is quite tanned at the moment, the video does not reflect this however LOL! 
I am using shade #27 by Missha which is a fairly new shade, its aimed at darker skin tones which can be a pain to find as most bb creams are quite light. 

I don't normally use a primer but because it's summer, its a must to prevent my makeup slipping and sliding in the heat. It's great for making your foundation last longer and it also evens out your skin tone and minimises pores. 

Products Used:

Benefit Porefessional
Missha BB cream
MAC Studio Finish concealer 
Loreal highlighting pen
Mac Blot Powder 



  1. Loved this video Suzi :) I have the same BB cream but find it needs waiting for about 10min before it adjusts to my skintone.. I must try it again :)

  2. great video! i would love to try BB creams, the asian branded ones as i don't like the western ones, so i think i may have to get one soon!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  3. omg ive been using the same bb cream...and some concealer with setting powder....

  4. Great video, your skin looks amazing in this. Jealous! I love BB creams and really want to try some asian brands as I'm quite pale and think they'd suit me.
    Daniella x


  5. Thanks for the tutorial! - I really want to try out BB cream :)
    - - - - -
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  6. thanks for the video! its a good one. I use the same bb cream as well and i love it although it does make my face a little lighter than my neck.

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  7. Super lovely blog!



  8. You're so pretty, your skin's amazing!

  9. What circle lenses are you wearing in this video ?
    Thanks for the great video :)

  10. I want this
    would you recommend it for tan skin?


    http://pinktistic.blogspot.com/ I'm new :_)

  11. wow your skin loooks beautiful heree the summer is affecting my skin alot so thank u amazing help for summer foundation!

  12. Love this stuff - but I just hate the first 10-20mins of it :(



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