19 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm and Stain - Flame

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Flame RRP £5.99

I bought this a couple days ago in Boots, originally went in to buy the Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain (ahem Chubby Stick dupes) but I somehow ended up with this. I went for a red colour because I knew stains don't give much colour pay off, more of a sheer wash of colour. Upon first use, I did notice that it was quite a task to get an even finish on the lips. The stain seemed to cling on to the edges of your lips yet disappear when you move towards the more fleshy centre part. The lip balm? it's slightly gimmicky to be honest, there's nothing special about it, not coloured, not scented and not necessary in my books. I like to apply this on a 'off duty' day. You know, the just mascara, brows and lips kinda day, it does a marvellous job at brightening your overall look and complexion. 

Sadly to say though, I won't be heading back for more. For £5.99 I would much rather pay the little extra and purchase another lip butter or even more so, the ones I was originally supposed to buy! 



  1. I so agree I tested them at boots and was really not impressed especially for the price.

    Shana x


  2. I don't like this, either :(

  3. The just bitten kissable lip stains are amazing, definitely pick one up! i havent tried these yet but am starting to think i dont want to, havent heard many good things!xx

  4. For me, im super sure that i wont buy it X(

  5. I was just going to purchase this today, lucky I didn't.

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  6. This was such a disappointment for me. I had problems with the Cover Girl version too. Both were dried out and I suspect it may be the way they are displayed in the store. The new Kissable ones are much better.

  7. The new Just Bitten Balm Stains are amazing. So much better than those lip balm/stains that you purchased. I purchased that a while back when they were fairly new and was not impressed. Revlon has stepped up their game though when they made the lip butters and more recently the balm stain. Beware, the balm stains aren't true to their advertised color, and it's super pigmented for a "stain". I think they call it a stain just because it lasts longer like a stain. Other than that, I recommend them. Good luck Suzi :)

  8. too bad this products still not available on my country :(

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  9. that looks really nice, i really want to try one :)x

  10. such a quick & simple reviews yet sums everything up in one....I think ill pass on this

  11. I bought this exact shade last year and had the same problem. It also didn't fade evenly whatsoever...the balm stains are much better in my opinion!


  12. The Balm Stains aren't Chubby Stick dupes :P Every UK beauty guru says so but they aren't really. They're more similar to the Tarte LipSurgences because they're both balm stains, minty smelling, and have better pigmentation than the Chubby Sticks.

    And I think you just got an old or bad one. This specific shade is quite good in my opinion! If you google the shade and product and look at the images, they're very nice and VERY pigmented.

  13. color looks pretty :)

    Trends I Love
    How to easy curls

    I appreciate your feedbacks : )

  14. wow seems i wont be going to the shops for this then!

    Laura x


  15. This was the most dissapointing thing i have ever tried its so much crap and tastes like salty water.. Mine dried out after my first use so i complained and got my money back.


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