26 July 2012

Jergens Revamped

Jergens have recently revamped its packaging. Formally known for their matte tubes, Jergens have switched to a glossy new design. Their Cocoa Butter scent is my favourite, the formula is light, hydrating and non greasy, I mean zero grease, which I favour. It's much lighter than the usual tubbed body butters but equally as moisturizing. There's nothing worse than a lingering greasy film on a hot summer's day. No doubt, Jergens has been one of my favourite go to moisturisers ever since I bought my first tube last Chritsmas.

Have you tried Jergens before? If you haven't then you probably should, it won't disappoint.


  1. it looks pretty nice, i never heard about it and i think they are not selling in slovakia, maybe i can find it on web shops, thanks for review :))

  2. I'm really liking the packaging, it's must smell really nice. x

  3. I'm liking the new look of the packaging, I love cocoa butter, but find the Palmers a bit too greasy so this sounds perfect for summer, thanks, great review
    Daniella x


  4. Oooh, seems great! I actually haven't tried Jergens before, as it isn't available where I live, but I would love to give it a try! x

  5. I LOVE cocoa butter!



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