3 June 2012

Warehouse A/W Collection

When I was younger I used to shop at Warehouse ALOT. Slowly, I stopped shopping there, not sure why, the designs? the price? still pretty unsure. But this Spring/Summer, Warehouse has been on my radar again! No doubt, their latest collection is probably their best EVER but after seeing the A/W lookbook, I predict the A/W collection to be  even better! I feel like Warehouse has taken a different direction, the designs are more classic yet trend led and the quality is now immense, watch out ZARA! You have serious competition! I have pulled out a few of my favourite outfits, I think I need them all!



  1. love the first two blazers
    Hope the price is good then Zara too!

  2. Oh woww I want everything in picture number 3! X


  3. Ahh i see floral are still on trend for A/W yay! ^^

  4. OMG That looks amazing!!
    The 3rd row is my favourite<3

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  5. Wow, that is totally comparable to Zara indeed. I am a Zara shopper and these pics do Warehouse justice :)

    Please check out my blog too :)


  6. I adore Warehouse! I recently bought this navy blue trousers from there, gorgeous for the summer ! x

  7. i feel like they're trying to go in a more topshop/zara direction, i hope it works for them as i stopped shopping there too!

    from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  8. No offense meant, but the first line completely reminds me of this: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.ie/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html :P

  9. Love that crazy floral suit! x

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