26 June 2012

Review: NEOM Body Cream and Hand Cream

Ever since my Happiness Candle, I have been very fond of NEOM. Previously clueless about the brand, I would like to think I am all clued up now. Having fallen in love with their never ending candles, I have dived into a new area I have been eyeing up, their creams. Every time I think of NEOM, I think of luxury and that's what these two creams are.

As soon as I swirled open this jar of cream, I instantly thought of the sample creams you are spoilt with at 5* hotels. It was rich, creamy, fragrant and extremely moisturising. A little goes along way and the scent lingers on your skin, relaxing your mind and soul. Just like their candles, I can imagine this jar lasting me a while. Bonus? It looks great in the bathroom!

To be honest, I have only started using hand cream during the past couple of years when I found out hands are the tell tale sign of age. I was always reluctant to have a greasy film on my hands, I liked them to feel clean. As a result, finding great hand creams is such a task for me. Many of the more moisturising ones do tend to feel sticky and greasy, I am such a fussy shopper. I was dubious about this hand cream and for £20, I was expecting amazing results, and for the record, I am throughly impressed!  There were no traces of greasiness, the cream sunk straight into my dry hands although I did find I had to re-apply this quite often. The smell was relaxing and pleasent and just like to body cream, it lingered and stayed until my next hand wash. It is quite rich, it would be perfect for more mature hands who will probably see better results and reap in the benefits. 

NEOM can be quite pricey but with good reason. All ingredients are of the finest out there, the packaging always matches the product, mainly luxurious and classy. I would say that for me, NEOM is more of a treat myself kind of product. Having said that, I have just ordered a new NEOM candle, OOPS!



  1. The hand cream sounds lovely, id love to try a Neom candle but theyre so so pricey! x

    1. Indeed.. very pricey :(
      Greetings from germany :)

  2. I really want a Neom candle- its on my christmas list already as I can't justify spending that much on myself for a candle :s
    Daniella x


  3. I want to buy a candle too now. Lol Much love xxx


  4. Sounds dreamy! Anyone else thinks they'd make for great presents too?

    -Elodie x

  5. sounds amazing! i hate hand creams that does nothing but create a layer of greasiness on our hands! this one sounds like it works so well!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. ooo I want to try out their hand cream now. My all time favourite is Jurlique's Rose one.

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  8. oh gosh they look so lovely
    i can just smell the products through the pictures!


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