11 May 2012

Tightsplease Event

 Group photo's courtesy of Clare and Sophie

Last week I attended an intimate event held by Tightsplease. I was excited for this event because quite frankly, I live in tights. We were picked up from Euston station in a rather swanky hummer limo were we was spoilt with sweets and fizzy. It was great to see so many familiar faces and to also meet a couple of new ones. Browsing through the lookbook, it really inspired me to be more adventurous and go beyond my plain old black tights, there really was some eye catching amazing ones. We was all sent off with a generous goody bag and look what I found inside? Fake Tan Tights! The tights are impregnated with fake tan so yes you heard right, put these on, massage your legs for 10 minutes, take them off and wait for 2 hours and supposedly, your pins will be all nice and tanned. I obviously have not put these to the test yet but watch this space! Thanks to Clare and Sophie who let me steal a couple of their photos.



  1. Those fake tan tights sound AMAZING! Please do a post once you have used them, cant wait to see if they work! x

  2. I love tights too, fake tan tights sound really interesting ! xx



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