12 May 2012

Current Shoe Collection

This video is all about my current shoe collection. If I had one weakness then it would definitely be shoes!! Many people like to spend their money elsewhere like holidays, bags etc but I LOVE shoes and in my books, the higher the better! =)

At last count I had over 100 pair of shoes, some at my parents, some in storage and some displayed, especially the ones I always wear! I work very hard for my money, I have 2 jobs and work non stop. I don't spend my parents money if that's what some of you may assume!My favourite shoe shop has got to be ALDO. I like their shape and heel heights, their also very comfortable too! For more inexpensive shoes it would have to be New Look =)I hope you enjoyed this video, it was a very highly requested one! In no way bragging, I am just trying to fulfil some requests! =)


  1. OMG! so many shoes *_* i love all pairs of shoes <3 very nice video!



  2. Im in heaven right now, never seen so many shoes! I have only like 5 pairs :(


  3. Omg! I love shoes! Im so jealous of your collection!


  4. So jealous! I'm obsessed with shoes but I only have a teeny collection:( love reading your blog!


  5. Suzi you do work bloody hard love, but even if you didn't it's your life and no one has the right to say anything about your shoes collection! it'S AMAZING and if it makes you happy than were is the harm, I'm a shoe gal myself, don't let people shame you. Shout it loud kitten, much love and WOW if I ever come to your house you best hide these or I may 'borrow' them xxxx

  6. I live in Canada and actually the quality of Aldo shoes isn't that good!

  7. Wow so many colors <3


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