17 May 2012

Joliebox May 2012

This months Joliebox is a good one, yes, that's how I will start my post. Instead of 5 products, I received 4 however I am not disappointed because the 4 that I did receive, are of great quality. I would rather receive 4 items I would use rather than 5/6 items I am simply not interested in. Each Joliebox also comes with a Joliemag packed with information about the products, beauty tips and discounts. Always my bath time read :)

The first product I am super duper excited about using is the RMK primer. I have always been a fan of RMK, Japan's best selling cosmetic brand. I had seen this primer advertised like crazy in asia, making it to the top of all the beauty awards. I bought this several years ago but being the beauty junkie that I am, I moved on to something else afterwards and forgot all about this product. So I am over the moon to be using it again.
Secondly is the full sized China Glaze polish in Techno. Having read other reviews, I noticed other beauty bloggers had received different shades, but I was glad with mine. As of late, I have become a big fan of glitter polishes, great on top of any colour.
The third product was the Lipocils Expert by Talika. I have heard great things about this product, I am excited to put it to the test myself.
Last but not least is the Rose Moisturiser by Essential Care. I have not heard of this brand but I do love anything rose, rose water, rose toner, rose hand cream so again, another product I look forward to trying.

Overall I love this box, probably the best Joliebox yet in my opinion.

Have you had your delivered yet? What do you think of the products?



  1. Love the nail polish! I'm also quite fond of glitter nail polishes!


  2. I cannot wait for this box! I have tried the lipocils and it does work :) x

  3. OMG RMK & China glaze! yes please!

  4. cannot wait for mine! I love the look of everything, although I already have Techno, but I suppose I wouldn't mind another one as I get through glitter so fast!


  5. This box is amazing, i would have loved every single product! If Glossybox does not step up their game, i will have to consider switching to Jolliebox :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

  6. Wow....! Looks amazing.... Nice stuff.....!

  7. Hope to recieve mine in France soon thanks to my correpondent in Scotland. We are a lot of french ladies looking for beauty correspondent overseas to exchange boxes or cult cosmetics. Have a look on this page http://www.facebook.com/Becorrespondent

  8. I am so gutted I didn't sign up in time for the may box, you definitely have the best one I've seen too - need to track that polish down! Just been convinced to sign up for the June box x


  9. I received my box the other day, the rose moisturiser is a must to try



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