9 May 2012

GHD Limited Edition Purple Peacock Review

Its no secret, ghd's have been my best friend for the past 7 years. I remember receiving my first pair for my 18th birthday, I was excited to see whether the hype was accurate. It was indeed. It gave me super sleek poker straight hair, perfect curls and voluminous waves and the best part? they stay in. Ever since then I have not been anywhere without my ghd's. I take them on holidays, to the gym, sleepovers and when my friends say 'don't bring your straighteners, I have mine' the first questions I ask is 'are they ghd's'? Sorry but yes, I am a straightener snob, it started when I turned 18.

So can you imagine my excitement when I was offered to be sent a pair? probably not. My old pair (2nd pair) are 5 years old and although they work perfectly fine, they were starting to look a little old. When they arrived, my jaw dropped. How beautiful are they? The deep amethyst purple plates look sleek and the matte black body is just pure sexy.

So, whats different apart from the design? Well, the new straightener comes in a satin roll, perfect for travelling. Once opened, the satin roll then becomes a heat mat, no more burnt carpets and vanity tables. The straightener itself has a new protective plate guard that fits on to the top, it keeps them closed and protects the plates. These also heat up really fast, REALLY fast meaning you save time. Forget to switch them off? haven't we all, but don't worry, it now comes with an automatic switch off when not in use for a certain amount of time. 

The straighteners retail at rrp £119, a bit steep I know but I promise you, they are worth every single penny. The creme dela creme of straighteners. It will save you time, give you fab hair and last for years to come. You can buy them at Regis.

(Disclaimer: The product was sent to me free for review purposes, I am not being paid for this post)


  1. Thanks for reviewing these! I was thinking of getting them.


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  2. My GHD must be 10 years old at this stage and still working fine! Definately a good investment!



  3. i have had my trusty ghd's for about 7 years now and they are still going strong! i love them x

  4. The design is more than enough to suck me in!
    It's gorgeous ^^

  5. I am the exact same a GHD snob! I honestly don't know what I would do without them! :) I think I would look like id stuck my finger in a plug socket on a regular basis. :) The price is steep but I agree they are worth every penny and I have had mine for years xxx


  6. I'm in love with my GHD as well! They work so well! I love the design of this one!


  7. I dont think anything will ever beat GHDS!

  8. I really love GHDs I have such stubborn hair but they are a bit pricey !

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    Project Rattlebag


  9. I received my first GHDs on my 16th birthday and 4 years on my love for it is still going strong.

  10. I#d love if they were like a turqoise blue!

  11. Thank you suzi!! This is very helpful!

  12. Ooh you're so lucky! They look amazing, almost breathtaking haha :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

  13. These sounds amazing and the colour you chose is fab ! xx


  14. i bought the same not long ago. it goes really a lot smoother.
    did you feel any difference using your old one and this new one? the gold series were launched last year, right? so is newer version really better?


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