3 May 2012

Carmex Lip Balms Review

I am unfortunately prone to dry lips, VERY dry which to be honest is probably my own fault. I could easily go a day without drinking anything. Bad I know. So ever since I bought my Strawberry flavoured Carmex a couple of years ago, I have been an avid fan. I apply it in the morning, at night and ALWAYS before any lipstick. Carmex has already gained itself great recognition within the beauty community and it's pretty obvious why! 
I was excited to receive some new products from Carmex. A Cherry flavoured squeezable balm, Sheer Lip Tint in Peach and of course, the classic original pot with the yellow lid. My personal favourite has to be the sheer lip tint. It glides on with ease, melts like butter and smells like peaches (of course). A great summer product. But if your looking for intense moisture in a flash, the classic small pot is your best friend. 

I know these will be scattered within my handbags, and honestly? Best lip balm ever. Hands down.

Have you tried Carmex before? and do you agree?

(Disclaimer: All items were sent to me free for review consideration) 


  1. love carmex especially the tube ones

  2. surprisingly I haven't tried it haha although my hubby swears by it. I love my C.O. Bigelow my favorite night balm! <3

  3. love carmex=) im currently using the pot one but cherry flavoured=p smells so good=D

  4. I don't like Carmex! They make my lips peel. You should try Burts Bee's lip balms! They sell it at boots, it's good stuff!


  5. Carmex is not my favorite lipbalm :S I like burts bees and labello :)


  6. I bought the original pot today and am loving it so far :)

  7. it is the only balm that keeps me un-chapped for practically the WHOLE day. LOVE it.

  8. Never tried this before, but I feel like I should! :D


  9. i've only tried the strawberry one in the tube but it ended up breaking =[

    you should try Lucas' pawpaw ointment! it's fantastic for dry lips..very moisturising!!

    Laura x


  10. I use the classic pot before I apply make up, wipe it off before applying my lipstick as it plumps, hydrate and smooth-ens my lips.

  11. I love carmex! They work really well on my forever-dry lips :D

  12. yes i agree carmex is good. my fav is molton brown lipbalm. that one is hands down. but honestly, i think we need to drink enough water still to avoid chapped lips. It doesnt matter HOW GOOD that lipbalm is, but if we are insufficient of water, its pointless..really. SO train urself to drink more water gal!

  13. Carmex is definitely my favourite lip balm! xx



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