8 April 2012

RHA Limited Edition Couture Headphones

As we see the rise and demand for cool headphones, an original and girly pair popped through my letterbox. A limited edition couture set that suited my tastes perfectly, designed and engineered in Great Britain. From the quilting to the colour, I was in love. Having wore these for 40minutes or so, my macbook speakers had never sound the same and in comparison, my macbook audio sounds awful! Therefore back on my head they went for some clear and precise pumping beats. These headphones also come with a detachable tangle free cable, no hassle there! No surprises, I have been wearing these for the past week whilst hitting those iTune buttons! The headphones are available online at Amazon retailing for £49.95 BUT I have a special code for you guys! Get 50% off by using the code 'SUZICODE' at checkout! Bargain!

(Disclaimer: The Headphones were sent to me free for review purposes)


  1. I have these headphones (diff pattern though) and from when they were called Audio Chi before they rebranded. I love them!

  2. They're beautiful I want them xxx

  3. I love print on this headphones!!!

  4. Such a pretty pair of headphones! It's a shame they don't deliver internationally.

  5. They are gorgeous! I wanted to order but seems like the don't ship internationally or the discount code didn't work. :(

  6. in fact, they have manufacturing facilities in Germany, Ireland, the USA, and Asia. They are also an ethical company who have very high standards of environmental protection and offer great labour conditions in every country in which they operate.


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