11 March 2012

My Rimmel Favourites

Moisture Renew - Nude Delight

For the past three years, this has been my go-to nude lip colour. It's a peachy flesh toned shade, giving you a adequate amount of nude without heading into the concealer lips territory. This is probably my 6th or 7th tube.

Lycra Pro Nail Polish - Beige Style

The perfect nude colour. I especially love this Rimmel polish range, probably one of the best drugstore ranges. The brush is a big bonus for me, it's thick which allows a quicker application and within a couple of minutes, all my fingers are neatly painted.

Eyebrow Pencil - Hazel

Again, holy grail material for me. I have been using this pencil on and off since I was about 18. Thats nearly 7 years! The colour is a perfect light brown, not too golden, not too ashy, just perfect. It's also really affordable at about £3 a pop.

Lipliner - East End Snob

This is my latest addition to the lipliner gang. I like to use this underneath pink and red toned lipsticks. It fills the lips in nicely, giving you a natural looking defined lip shape and again, very inexpensive.

Have you tried Rimmel before? What are our favourites?


  1. i lovvee rimmel! they're perfect for everyday wear! my foundation, mascara, eyebrow pencil are all from rimmel :D plus i LOVE kate moss's lipstick range.. they really are everlasting! pop of colour + lasting wear = perfect for a night out! :) lovely post dear :) xxx

  2. Ow, the lipliner looks amazing. and I LOVE ! REALLY REALLY LOVE your new Blog header. so epic.

  3. Rimmel is a fab brand. My favourite nude nail polish is "367 bare necessities". I never get dissapointed by their mascaras!


  4. oh nice :)


  5. I really love this lipstick! I have two favourite colors: nude delight and vintage pink. They are always in my collection)

  6. Nude Delight is one of my favourite lipstick too :D x

  7. I love those lippies!!! I need to go check out nude delight.. Been hearing about it a lot lately!

  8. I have the lip liner but I really don't rate the eyebrow pencil though..I used it for years and I have so many favourites better than rimmel...HD brow kit is brilliant for me!

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  9. I love the moisture renew lipsticks!!! I have "spotlight beige" and "vintage pink". I want "nude delight" but they're always sold out at every drugstore I go to :(

  10. You got 2 of my must items here!! The eyebrow pencil and nailpolish color <3 total love!

  11. I also love this nail varnish, I have the brow pencil but I find it a bit to reddish. x

  12. Hiya! I literally love all of those products:)
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    thanks soo much :')

  13. Indian pink lip liner.. love it ;) xx

  14. Rimmel is one of the world’s oldest and finest cosmetics brands supplying millions of women with the very best in beauty products.

  15. this nude lipstick is amazing!

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