23 February 2012

Warehouse Spring 2012 Collection

Regarding the trends for Spring 2012, Warehouse are on the money. I have previously associated warehouse with 'young working lady trying to be cool' but this season, my thoughts couldn't be further from that. They have the pretty pastels, the floral prints, the exotic prints, the neon colours, the peplums, the sleek shirts and the demure ladylike shapes making it a one stop shop. I especially love their advertorial campaign, very VOGUE! This collection is probably the best they have produced so far and I predict that this season is were Warehouse will elevate themselves as a brand and soar.

What's your thoughts on the collection? Do you shop there? x



  1. Hi Suzi! Loving your style! I just went to Warehouse today and bought a few items - A gorgeous draped leather jacket (perfect with skinny jeans) http://www.warehouse.co.uk/soft-leather-pocket-jacket/Coats-&-Jackets/warehouse/fcp-product/307839

    And these stunning tops too:


    http://www.warehouse.co.uk/graphic-print-square-cut-silk-tunic./Tops/warehouse/fcp-product/307793 (this top actually cones with a skinny orange waist belt with it as a set - not sure why they haven't shown it)

    Any thoughts on my purchases? :)

    Dee x

  2. Amazing new collection! Last summer I did my work experience there and it was an amazing opportunity, plus I got to walk away with some goodies!

  3. i don't shop there but after seeing these images this post has given me a new reason to! x

  4. im looking forward to get myself some new pastels!

  5. I haven't visited Warehouse in a long time.. I find there clothes are overpriced!! And if I did get something form there I would really have to like it..
    Mind you, back in the day. I loved it.. I was constantly there and I had a store card.. Haven't seen much of their new collection. But I guess I will keep my eye out for them and discounts that should appear..

    Hot Happenings!

  6. You always have the best posts! I can't wait for spring to come and get some fun pastels. Light pink and white skinny jeans are what I'm lusting after the most right now :)

  7. It all seems more colourful and 'cool' but I do think that their prices are a bit too much for what it is, similar to how Topshop have started doing..

  8. Amazing dress and shoes. Also love the jacket in the second photo. The colours are beautiful!

  9. I don't normally shop at Warehouse cos it does seem a little pricey (or maybe I'm too much of a cheapskate?!) But these pieces do look very contemporary and up-to-date. I will probably stay well away from the pastel pieces cos I'm still carrying the dreaded xmas muffin top :-(

  10. Gorgeous colors!! Love this collection. I would wear these outfits for sure. Love your blog & youtube channel Suzi..keep it up love xx


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