25 February 2012

New Loreal Eye Products

Three new Loreal Eye products have been released, Telescopic Mascara, Perfect Slim Eyeliner and Gel Intenza. It's no secret that I am a big Loreal Fan, especially their eye products. I use their Superliner liquid liner, Voluminous Mascara and the Touche Magique Pen religiously. I was excited to see how I got on with these.

It was nice to see that Loreal has finally jumped on the bandwagon and released a gel liner because lets face it, the drugstore is currently lacking in choice. I have been using my Maybelline one for quite some time now, it has started to dry up so this little pot of goodness came in perfect timing. It's intense, smooth and easy to apply, the little brush that comes with it is an extra bonus. I also LOVE the touch of gold on the lid, looks pretty buried in my eyeliner draw.

Lets start with the packaging, sleek and a decent size with an easy to control application. The mascara comes with a plastic wand which I don't normally go for, unless it's the comb style. Having tried this on my top and bottom lashes, I have to admit that it's not the best mascara I have used. Voluminous performs a lot better than this. My lashes are short and stubby and although this mascara gives great length, its lacking in the building and volume department, something I really need and look for in a mascara. Those who have pretty long and thick lashes to begin with will love this product no doubt but unfortunately, not for me.

I always love these type of eyeliners so it was no surprise that I fell in love with this one. These liners are fool proof and even those who haven't much experience in applying liquid liner, will find this easy to use. This pen can create thick or thin lines and the intensity is as black as black can get! LOVE.

Have you tried Loreal eye products before? Any favourites I should try out?

(Disclaimer: All products were sent to me free for review purposes)


  1. love loreals superliners :) xo

  2. That gel liner looks really cute!

  3. I just bought this! I've got a new ring that is so cool and this completes the gothic look, check out the ring, i love it so much http://tworedtrees.co.uk/product/191/enchanted-crow-ring

  4. i recently got the voluminous million lashes mascara and i must say its very good! its great to define lashes and it lasts very long! i also got one of their color infallible single eyeshadows in green (09 permanent kaki)and this one wasn´t as awesome as i expected... if you get one of these make sure you have a good primer on your lid otherwise it can fade out easily and disappoint you!
    i´ve also used the maybelline gel liner for a while... love the little brush that comes with it! i prefer that to the pen liners.

    XO jannine


  5. The gel liner looks great. I will definitely try it. x

  6. that perfect slim eyeliner looks perfect for on the go!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. omg the pictures you took are freaking awesome.. thank you for reviewing this products they look really interesting.. please do more reviews on drugstore products! :D

  8. I really want to try out the eyeliner. x

  9. Wooow the liner looks so black and smooth! I have a gel liner but I should use it more, the outcome always looks so nice and crisp. But I guess I'm just lazy and reach for the liquid liner xD

    xx tht-christina.blogspot.com

  10. thank you for the review! Because of you I'm also a huge fan of the Super Liner! I'm definitely going to try the gel eyeliner, perfect slim and the voluminous mascara! the swatch of the perfect slim looks amazingly black!


  11. Wow, your photos are freaken awesome. Makes me want to buy them all!

  12. wow i want those products especially the gel liner


  13. When my gel liner pots dry out, I mix in a bit of olive oil and I'm still able to use them!

  14. thanks for the post!!! :)
    how does the perfect slim compare to the japanese branded felt tip pens? ie: dolly wink and kiss me (if you have them?)
    thanks !
    elle x

  15. oooooo the superliner looks good!


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    Have a great Monday!!


  17. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..


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