24 February 2012

February 2012 Glossybox

Whats In store for February?

DUWOP Venom Gloss
IMPRESS Pres on Manicure
Paul Mitchell Quick Slip
BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
Como Shambhala Invigorate shower gel

Another month, another Glossybox. This pink box of wonders actually arrived on my doorstep last week yet I have only had time to sit own and evaluate it. Before I even opened the box to inspect the goods, I had already heard plenty of negative thoughts on this months box. So, when I opened the box I wasn't expecting an array of products that I would actually use, love or rave about. Having said that, I wouldn't say I am impressed but I also wouldn't go as far as saying I am disappointed. I think it's OK, not the best box I have had but this is the thing with beauty boxes, it's a gamble. If your not in for the gamble, then don't subscribe, you win some, you lose some and thats what its all about. Also, the Glossybox is £12.95 a month which in my mind, is not a great deal if you sit down, evaluate the products, add up the costs and TADA, one of your full sized products is probably worth more than £12.95 alone. Sure, you may not like your full sized product but like I mentioned, it's all a gamble so it does pain me to see people moan about it. After all HEY, you signed up!

From this months box, I would definitely use all of the products, except the shower gel which I will be saving for my travels next month!

Did you receive the Glossybox this month? What's your thoughts on beauty boxes in general?

(Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free for product review)


  1. It is a gamble. I have the German Glossybox and I really really like it. I enjoy getting things in the post. I'm more of a drugstore kind of gal, so its nice when I receive some high end products that I would have never known about without the glossybox.


  2. I've been seeing the Impress Nails at my local CVS every time I go, and I'm always curious about them. I'd love to see what you think of them if you do try them! :)

  3. lovee the glossy box ♥


  4. i wasnt too impressed with the australian feb glossybox too

    The Ugly Moments

  5. wasn't too impressed with this month's glossy box, looking for another box to subscribe to. i think i only subscribe it for the pretty box ¬_¬ sometimes i use the box to put my baked goods in as a present for friends. =P


  6. I totally agree with you it is a gamble, kind of like those surprise goody bags you would get as a kid...i don't know if you ever got them but sometimes they had all your favorite candy and a cool toy and other times you were stuck with some sour gumballs and some stupid bouncy ball...hahaha but i think that's the whole point of the box...to be surprised and sometimes let down
    xoxo Stephi

  7. this is really cool ! :D


  8. Um I find it really hard to actually have the motivation to join these weekly subscription boxes; Glossybox, Glambag etc!

    I mean for the price it seems so 'worthwhile' but when it comes to finding out the contents I can't help but feel as though I'd either neglect to use most of the products and end up with a million sample sized goodies laying around the house - unused :)

    But I LOVE reading about them, esp yours, your incredible informative and very punctual in terms of delivering them on your blog :)



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