4 January 2012

New Years Resolution 2012

Hi all!

Hoping you all had a fab 2011. This is more of a 'diary style' post and I will continue to do these now and again throughout 2012 to update you all. Well, where can I start? 2011 was a frigging awesome year for me, it's a year where all my hard work paid off, my dreams came true and ultimately, I reached my goals. I went travelling, got a new job and found myself. Of course there were a few hiccups and I did spend an enormous amount of time in 2011 crying my heart out, but those were ironed out with the good stuff. The blessings outweighed the hurt. In fact, it was so good that I was waiting for something bad to happen. So I am hoping 2012 can be even better. Fingers crossed.

First and foremost I need to thank all of you who read my blog and have encouraged me along this amazing journey. I don't know how I could possibly show you how much I appreciate it, it's pretty BIG! Every time I think about the lovely messages and support I receive, it brings a tear to my eye.

Now moving onto my New Year Resolutions!

1 | My first resolution is to make more time for my friends and family and hopefully say YES to every occasion/invitation. Throughout my years on Youtube and Blogging I have become pretty anti-social. Simply because I don't have the time. What started out as a hobby has now become a part time job and when combined with my 9-5 full time job it pretty much leaves me with no spare time. Hopefully 2012 will be a year where I create many fun memories with my loved ones.

2| Secondly, I vow to reduce any negativity in my life. Unfortunately I am surrounded by a lot of negativity and 2012 will be the year I distance myself from it. Fake people, people who want me to fail, fake friends, friends who just wants benefits and so on....
Also, I have to give up trying / being nice to people who do not deserve it, as this just means I give them a pass to walk all over me. Sometimes people just love to take advantage of 'miss nice'.

3 | My third resolution is to stop being so hard on myself. I often get stressed out when I don't meet a deadline, when I haven't done what I was supposed to do and when thing's haven't gone quite to plan. Basically, I need to chill out.

4 | My last resolution is to avoid stodgy carbs such as bread and pasta which I love, but give me horrible stomach pains!

That isn't too much? LOL! At the end of the day I just wish to be happy and to be surrounded by equally as happy people to have one big happy time. Happy much? Let me know what your resolutions are?



  1. Happy 2012 Suzi! Hope you sticks to your resolutions!

  2. Happy new year! Glad your dreams have come true :) x x

  3. One of my resolutions is to stay away from white bread and pasta! I am going to allow a few slices of brown bread a week though. You are one of the people that has inspired me to start a blog and i enjoy every post i write. Happy 2012 Suzi!


  4. Those are some great resolutions for this year! No one needs all that unnecessary negative energy around them. Just remember that you are doing all of those things for yourself, not for others. If you miss one or two get-togethers I am sure they will understand you need some time to yourself. :)

    Hopefully, your new year will be a great one for not only yourself but your friends and family!

  5. I think eveyone needs to do 2 & 3 of your resolutions. I can't stand people that take advantage of nice people like you. I hope you do well with your resolutions, good luck!

    Have a great 2012!


  6. Happy New Year, Suzi! Best of luck with your resolutions, 'reducing any negativity' is definitely one that I'd like to take on as well. So pleased for you with all that you achieved last year too! xx

  7. Great resolutions! I haven't decided on mine yet, other than to eat healthier... but I try that one every year and it never works lol
    Good luck with yours!

    Tor @ That's Peachy Fashion Blog xx

  8. Happy new Year Suzi! And your resolutions are really great!! stay strong!! :) I really love your blog! <3

  9. Let me tell you getting rid of fake friends is hard! Last year i did that and now i feel alone sometimes but when i think about it i am much happier now because those people always wanted me to fail and they still do just i don't have them near me to be bringing me down every second. Number 4 will be a hard one for me... i love pasta and bread! but my tummy will flatten if i stop eating those two. I wish you the best of luck in your new years resolutions! Get to it!<3


  10. Good choice or you new year resolution!

  11. Suzi, I am SO incredibly happy for you! I've watched you grow and improve for a very long time (I remember your first 'what's in my purse video' which you had to reupload a couple of times!) and you are SO deserving of everything that has come your way! 2012 is going to be your year. xxx

  12. all the best for 2012! best of luck re the carbs! (a real challenge to avoid!) :)

  13. Hi Suzi! Hope 2012 is going to be your year!

  14. Awesome resolutions! I love your blog and now I love it even more, you seem like a good person who deserves to achieve everything you listed in your resolutions, especially number 2 :)


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