1 January 2012

Benefit Bargains...

Although I do love a good sale, the sales this year has done more damage than good. During the past week I heave been sucked into the sales and have probably bought over £££s worth of stuff (ahem crap I do not need) over 4 days of shopping.
During a shopping trip to Harrods last week, I was so excited to walk into the beauty hall and find that nearly all the brands (99%) were having sales. Christmas gift items, limited editions and general christmas season stock. If you follow my Twitter then you may have already heard me rave about it. 40% off Armani cosmetics and 50% off Laura Mercier, YSL, Clinique, Clarins, Paul&Joe etc ....

Upon approaching the Benefit counter I saw some gift sets but didn't take much notice. Having heard rave reviews about their newest blusher, I wanted a closer look. Bella Bamba was gorgeous! Now, here comes the maths.

Bella Bamba was £23.50 on its own, BUT a gift set containing the full size blusher PLUS a mascara PLUS a lipgloss PLUS a small sized highlighter was reduced to £19.75. It doesn't take a scientist to work it out really? So the ending to this story is that I got it for cheaper than original WITH more goodies in the bag. STEAL!

If you haven't been to the Harrods sale, your seriously missing out. I checked the website and a huge amount of the stuff in store is not online. Of course, I didn't only buy this set, I also bought some half price YSL cleansing waters, fragrances and paul and joe stuff BUT that's a whole other story.

Have you bought any bargains in the sale this year? do share...


  1. weee what a deal :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    xo Jenn


  2. >"< I wish I'm in UK atm, I'm still at home for holiday T^T
    Hope the sale is still there when I back this weekend :D


  3. Wow amazing deals. I don't have a Harrods anywhere near me. A bit gutted tbh :(


  4. I got a Benefit set too - the one with Hoola! :)

  5. Amazing bargain, you're so lucky! Please let us know how you like the products you got. I really want to get Bella Bamba, such a gorgeous blush! <3 :)

  6. my friend from london got some benefit bargains but i can't find any here =(


  7. I got this exact same one as you :) have been using it, bella bamba is amazing, love the gloss too.. the benegirl was very nice and gave me samples of erase paste and moon beam...

  8. you'll looove the bad gal mascara. it works on asian lashes so well!

  9. Its a good deal though!


  10. Brilliant post - have followed u to await hearing about the rest of the items you bought!!:) xoxo



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