21 December 2011

Review: Fairy drops Volume Burst Waterproof Masacra

Curled lashes with Shu Uemura Lash Curler, I would NEVER wear mascara without curling my lashes.

Applying my 1st coat

Two Coats

Packaging: First of all I am in awe of the packaging. Distinctive, cute, girly and eye catching. I can't fault it, it looks rather sweet amongst my make up pile.

Product: The first thing I realized was how dry the formula was and of course the fancy multiple ball shaped brush. The brush made it easy to get into all corners of the eye ensuring every single lash is covered.

Performance: Because the mascara is loaded with millions of fibers, it allowed me to really build up my desired length and volume. I found two coats gave the perfect length and volume, anymore and it may of become a clumpy hot mess. I like how it made my bottom lashes look defined and extra long, even though they are tiny. I really do love this mascara, BUT it is not the best I have ever used.

Price: I bought this for $12.60 from SASA.COM which I thought was relatively reasonable, the equivalent to a UK drugstore mascara price really.

Would I buy it again?: Definitely!


  1. Hi Suzi! I was debating on purchasing either this one or the Platinum waterproof... have you tried the latter? Or the original fairydrops?
    I'm wondering what the best one is to purchase...

  2. i really love the packaging soo pretty and the product looks so nice...i really want to try it out for my self^^

  3. Is you or the mascara? Your eyelashes are sooo well separated! And I never knew exactly why this product chose the ball shaped brush, but now I understand haha
    Thanks for this review!

    From tht-christina.blogspot.com ^^

  4. This mascara looks amazing! My eyelashes are very similar to yours, so I'm defo going to have to check this one out :) Thanks for the review xx

  5. i actually just bought this and can not bare to open it because the packaging looks super cute! :$ hahaha


  6. I am currently using this and the waterproof version. Best ever mascara I've tried before. Holy grail stuff!

  7. its funny you do a post on this just when i recieved one of each fairydrops mascara from my cousin in hk...she said which one? and I said one of each, so theyre sitting here in their packaging waiting for me to try lol

  8. I heard that there "Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream" was a pretty good product too! :D

  9. I've been using the platinum film version and I love it! also, ever since I started using it I feel like my real lashes are longer and thicker~ so I'm thinking maybe the 5 treatment essence in this version might actually work :)

  10. Love the packaging, wish it was more available in the uk!


  11. Getting some when i get paid! Im such a sucker for packaging :s x


  12. Great review! I am getting my boyfriend's mother the fairy drops BB cream and saw that they had this mascara~ Now i am tempted to buy it! c:

    - simpleonigiri.blogspot.com <3


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