30 November 2011

Review: Instyler Rotating Hot Hair Tool

Last week I was sent the Instyler to review. I am not short of hair tools so before I accepted to review it, I did some research and then accepted to review it. After all I don't own any rotating hair tools, rotating?! What was special and different I thought?

The hair tool comes with a how to DVD (which I definitely needed) and a comb. It claims to be able to straighten, curl, add volume and add shine to the hair.

So how did it perform? I first used this to add volume to my hair, my hair wasn't as voluminous as I hoped but it was certainly an improvement! Straightening wise? Not a patch on my trusty GHDS, but then again GHDs are specifically made for straightening. Next, I went for the curls. My gosh I LOVE this tool for hair curling. You can control what sort of curls it creates by selecting different amounts of hair, it was quick and easy to do. I loved how my hair curls where not so defined and more beachy/bedhead looking.

Overall I do like the product, I loved how my curls looked and more so the body that it had. Although I do think I need more practice in the other areas!

Pro: Fast and easy for curling hair. Would make a lovely Christmas Present. 4in1 and the bristles really smooth out the hair!

Cons: Doesn't come with a heat protectant glove (hazards!). Can be quite noisy.

The Instyler retails for £99.99

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! I plan on getting the cloud nine wand and have high hopes for it :) xo

  2. Wow, what a unique hair tool. I like how it curls your hair!

  3. Love the curls! I may need that styler..

  4. just wondering, what contacts are you wearing in these pictures? theyr gorgeous! lovey the beachy effortless waves! xxx

  5. I love your lenses in these photos! Which ones are they?

    Much Love,
    Hybrid Hunter

  6. wow - sorry...couldnt focus on your outfit -your eye are just beautiful - and my son agrees.

  7. I meant your hair/curler...lol

  8. is it just me or is the lighting making your hair looks a tiny bit different in colour? sometimes your hair looks blonder (2 post below) and sometimes it's more ashy brown (this post). never the less i love the way your hair look! <3

  9. I have this and hardly use it because I need practice too lol

    You look great

  10. I love the curls this creates but i think its quite pricey for what it is. Your hair looks so nice!


  11. I adore your hair, girl! I'm not able to to such a thing... hahahah
    Much love from http://ariannesboot.blogspot.com/

  12. It looks amazing!


  13. WOW, the curls are gorgeous!

  14. Thanks for the review!! Your hair looks so pretty!! Loving the curls on you!

  15. Love it! I am debating if I should get one and your curls look so good I think I will!


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