18 November 2011

Japonesque Make Up Brushes

Last week Japonesque sent me a bag full of make up brushes to try and maybe review. I received 10 brushes from their travel sized range, along with a pack of individually wrapped make up wipes. As soon as I opened the packaging and stroked the bristles, I knew there were a few brushes I would end up loving.

The brushes came just in time for my trip up north, a perfect time to put these into testing.

My Faves

Powder Brush, THE SOFTEST powder brush I have ever used, I love stroking it across my face, blending my powder seamlessly and giving me a perfect finish. My favourite brush!

The Angled Foundation Brush, LOVE this brush, I love the angle which allows you to get into all corners. Really easy to use and gives a fast flawless application.

The retractable eyeliner is also great, I use this as an eyeliner brush. Perfect for no mess or dirty brushes in the makeup bag.

The only thing I did not like was the make up wipes, very strongly scented and felt slightly greasy. The scent was so empowering that my brush still smells of the solution even after two days.
The other brushes are pretty standard to me, great quality but nothing to be raving about. The two face products were the winners for me. Have you tried any of these brushes?

These brushes are available at Boots, Instore and Online.


  1. The angled foundation brush looks so interesting :D Never seen a foundation brush like that before =D

  2. Uau I'm so curious now !!*


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  4. wow. I like these brushes *_*
    Suzi, please can you do some new video without gothic look...? you seem older and scary...
    anyways I still love your style and you! ^^)

  5. omg.. i am a brush freak... have not heard abt them before thou.. Nice review... i like the angled brush n shadow brush... i needa get new shadow brushes.. haa


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  6. I'd love for my brushes to smell good even after a couple of days though :)

  7. powder brush is travel size or normal size?

  8. Thanks for visiting my diary and commenting during a constructive manner, following on already! nice diary your have-I notably enjoyed your post on top of as I simply attended a Smash box event wherever the conjure artists all used brushes to use foundation giving a pretty mat and even finish!


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