15 October 2011

SPOT The Trend

This Autumn/Winter 2011, the trend that is most recognizable and wearable is probably the polka dot. This time around, the spots have been magnified, no longer your sweet small polka dot, these dots have been designed to be noticed. Leading the trend is Marc Jacobs, a profusion of BIG BOLD SPOTS neatly placed on top of a gorgeous colour palette. Stella McCartney also put her own spin on the spots by creating texture and turning the quirky print into a sexy one.
Polka dots is a print you have to wear with caution, only the brave and uber cool looking can do a full head to toe style without looking like an extra from the circus. A safer option would be to wear it moderately like the celebs. Style icons such as Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton have already been papped sporting the trend and when catwalks and celebrities are doing it, the high street is never far behind. Below I have put together some of my best picks from the high street, the same look but a fraction of the designer price tag!

What's your take on the trend? love it or loathe it?

(Image Credits: style.com glamourmagazine.co.uk | All images photoshopped by me)


  1. i'm head over heels for polka dots!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Cute polka dots~! Love itttt~~

    xoxo Tifuani

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  4. Polkadots have been around waaaayyyy too long for me to consider them a trend - but I love them all the same, so it's great to see them a little more in shops right now! Glad I bought my New Look skirt on sale, haha.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  5. Always love this trend! I have the infamous Topshop skirt now and have realised it is very Marc Jacobs!

  6. I love the last picture of the stella mccartney pictures - the asymmetrical body con dress. Probably the most wearable one for me. The designer dresses do give inspiration but not sure if I could pull of that many spots. I do like the Alexa Chung pic. Thats Alexa Chung right?

  7. I'm loving polka-dots and prints this season!


  8. I'm still not sure if polka dots are my thing
    but I would definitely do them on my nails :)
    I'm loving Stella McCartney's take on the trend <3

  9. I love the topshop top and the very uk dress! I actually don't own any clothing with dots on it but some of these I would actually purchase!

  10. i love the fact that polka dots are bigger because m not a fan of small polka dot!

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