3 September 2011

A Weeks Haul in Pictures...

1. I stocked up on Bioderma when I visited Paris, boy were they heavy to carry home! I wanted to buy more but my suitcase was already trying to bust its way open. Facial spray were cheaper in Paris so I got a couple, one which is a mini! SUPER cute and a perfect size for the handbag.
2. ASOS was doing a extra 20% off clearance, I seized the opportunity and checked out with a sheer shirt and a pair of black leather wedges. Both only came to under £20, bargain. (delivery is free)
3. The ASOS shoes, real leather, comfortable, simple and chic.
4. Longchamp le Pilage bag I bought in Paris, solely for the purpose of traveling and carrying my books, lunch etc
5. iPad2, now I can blog and catch up on the go. Books I bought for short journeys when I don't fancy carrying the IPAD.

How has the week been for you guys? I hope your having a great weekend, I know I am ^_*

Suzi xxx



  1. Ooooh, love the dotty dress! Lovely jubbly! xo

  2. I really like the red dress... it's dress, right? xD My week went pretty... athletic. I have been jogging, sprinting, going to the fitness and I must say that the results are pretty obvious :D Plus I have made a diet plan full of vegetables, fruits, yogurts and other healthy foods! Ah, I can't wait to go to school looking like some awesome chic xD

  3. Thanks Halima!

    Rinna - ooo congrats, you go girl! ^_*

  4. cute dress and shoes!

  5. Great haul babe!!!!...i have the whole series of the confession of a shopaholic (heavily addicted).u will love it

  6. I've been wanting the Longchamp le Pliage for ages! And they have Bioderma here in Japan but it's so expensive.. wish I was going to Paris soon! :) How much was the Lonchamp Le Pliage in Paris? Is it cheaper than the UK?

  7. I love products by Bioderma, and also Avene thermal water! and I envy you your iPad :D:D

  8. i love bioderma, the dress is lovely xx

  9. cute haul(:
    diggin the bag

    <3 BB

  10. Will you do a review of the Bioderma things please?


  11. Argh I hear great things about Bioderma! Great you stocked up! And I LOVE Avene~
    That sheer shirt is super cute :)

  12. Ahh, the shoes and the dress, nice! I love the Bioderma Micellar Water.

  13. The tunic is so pretty and had such a lovely color :]


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