17 September 2011

Illamasqua - Theatre of the Nameless

"In this nocturnal den of the dissident leaders of underworld subcultures, exotic dancers rub shoulders with actors and anarchists.

Infused with the essence of self-expression that transformed 1920s Berlin, this rich and indulgent collection envelops the senses.

Darkly sophisticated tones are accompanied by shocks of dazzling iridescence and kinky rubber-look finishes, creating a breathtakingly modern interpretation of the most illicit nightlife in history.
It's time to cross the threshold and embrace a world of unadulterated decadence".

Pure Pigment £15.50 Zeitgeist

Precision Ink £17.00 Havoc

Nail Varnish £13.40 Taint (sorry for my sloppy quick application =p)

Every new Illamasqua collection is always distinctive. Daring, flamboyant and persuasive are the words I would use to describe their past, previous and present collections. This collection is no different. The pigment is smooth and highly pigmented, although it can get a little messy I would certainly suggest to use with caution. The Eyeliner is precise and pigmented and the nail varnish is pigmented (one coat only) and smooth to apply. The visuals are stunning like always, the products are of great quality and the colour ways are always attractive and right up my street.

Collection is available in stores and online now.

(All items were sent to me for review purposes)


  1. whoah the pictures look amazing! have to admit though that i´ve never heard of this brand before =(

  2. ive never heard of this product! gotta try it now...


  3. I'm so excited about this collection! The promo pics look awesome and I can't wait for this to get to the states. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. i love this collection <3

  5. never heard of it but it looks awesome im sure that youll look dashing, even if you do normally haha! Followed!!

    plasticshutters.blogspot.com - please take a glance!


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