4 September 2011

That time of the month again ^_*


  1. Your vids are always so informative!!

  2. Hey Suzi, We started featuring your videos on our blog recently, you can offer you audience a rep code for Karmaloop called SHANE20 at the end of your videos.

    It will give them 20% off their first purchase and 10% off every other purchase for ever. Karmaloop sell JC Shoes which you are a fan of. The code also works at 10% on PLNDR. An online sales boutique.

    Your videos are great!

  3. Thanks suzi! Love the information u've fed us!

  4. love this. I love finding out about new products and how well they work.

    p.s. I recently started a blog myself, maybe you can give me some feedback on mine too. thank you. http://itsmorethanglitter.blogspot.com/


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