8 September 2011

Dear Diary...

This week you may have noticed that I have taken a slight backseat from blogging. Now, before you jump to conclusions, I am very much still HERE! Finding time to sit down and write a blog post has become more of a challenge now.

Last week, I started a new job, some of you may know that already, some may not. Anyhoo my new job requires a lot of traveling hence not being able to blog at my base in London. BUT don't worry, I have plenty of new and exciting things to share with you guys! I am currently editing and uploading a video to YOUTUBE as I type ^_^

I hope my fellow UK people are coping with the transitional weather, I am uber jealous of the countries who are still rocking shorts and sandals! The UK has been pretty miserable and grim and this reminds me that I have to dig out my jumpers and winter coats! Having said that, I do prefer A/W fashion. Layers of clothing, muted wearable colours and most of all, a big warm coat to snuggle in!

I also have my a wedding to go to next week where I am a bridesmaid, I have no shoes, no bag and the worst of all, my dress is too long for me! (I haven't had time to alter it >_<) Currently on the verge of a panic attack, September sure is a busy month!

I hope your all coping better than me, I will finish off with my latest video. Big Bouncy Blowdry, who doesn't love sleek bouncy voluminous hair right? ^_*




  1. Suzi you are a hair saviour! Please never stop doing these videos :)

  2. Your hair looks amazing. I love the volume. I know what you mean about the transitional weather it's terrible sigh British weather.



  3. Your hair always looks so healthy ! Nice blow drying tutorial : )

  4. i love your accident when your talking^^

  5. I've been blowdrying my hair like this everyday and i love it! thanks for the tips :)


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