10 August 2011

Day 2: Favourite Movie

I have two favorite movies. My First favorite is Titanic, Not only is the story gripping, romantic and breath taking, It is also based on a very sad but true story. I watched this with my mother when I was VERY young and it brings back great memories too. Every time it is replayed on the television, I ALWAYS watch it again.

My Second Favorite is The Other Boleyn Girl, A story about Love, Family and Revenge. I was not expecting much when I bought this DVD, I bought it on a whim whilst browsing the aisles of the supermarket late at night. After watching it, I was blown away. The acting, the story and the whole concept was extremely interesting and captivating. A must watch!

What are your favorite movies?


  1. i love both movies. titanic - i watched it over 20 times..haha...and the Other Boleyn Girl is such a good movie too.

    i loved "the american quilt" and "reality bites"

    and so many korean movies..my favorites are too many !lol

  2. I love the other Boylen Girl. My two favorite movies are:

    Pride And Prejudice


    Memoirs Of A Geshia

    They are such great movies and books. Both are done so beatifully.

  3. I haven't seen Boylen Girl, it looks so sad!

  4. I LOVED The Other Boleyn Girl! I saw it years ago when I was working at a video store, and I've been wanting to watch it again since. Another amazing movie that I've been dying to watch again is DOUBT. In one word: Incredible. I can't even begin to describe, you should see it if you have not!!

  5. I want to see the other Boylen Girl, I've heard it's really good. My favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Funny Face.


  6. fight club, or any marvel movie.. lol

  7. I went to go see Titanic with my parents when I was 12 and still to this day it makes me cry! It's such a good film!

  8. I just watched Titanic yesterday, what coincidence! It's so sad especailly when Jack says falling into the water is like having "a thousand knives stabbing you" and because it really did happen to all those people. I can't face the fact that he dies in the end :(
    I really liked the Times Traveller's Wife which also stars Eric Bana. I'm really interested in the movie The Vow which is coming out soon staring the awesome Rachel McAdams.


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