1 July 2011

Sleek Summer Offerings....

Returning to London yesterday, I was greeted with a package from SleekMakeup. Inside the parcel was two new summer collections.


The latest addition to the i-Divine family is this pretty and highly pigmented palette. The palette is made up of everyday natural hues finished with complimentary shades such as sultry browns and blacks.


Inspired by the colours of the caribbean, this collection combines a blush, eyeshadow palette and a gorgeous pout polish. Jet off to paradise with this bright, bold and flamboyant set.

(all swatches taken in natural daylight)

I thoroughly enjoyed both collections but I was most excited about the 'oh so special' palette. I really do love it when they launch wearable palettes, perfect for the everyday looks and of course, summer traveling. All products are of high quality, the palettes are extremely smooth and easy to work with whilst the pout polish is perfect for hydrating the lips whilst adding a subtle sheer wash of colour.

You can find all these beautiful products at WWW.SLEEKMAKEUP.COM


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  1. pretty paletes! but i cant see the caribbean palete in the web :(

    In Palace ♥

  2. Yeah the carribean scene palette seems to be gone! It did say it was limited edition on the cover... maybe it's too late :(

  3. Wow those shadows really ARE pigmented! How come everyone can find perfect orange lip colours but me >.<!! I'm going to hunt down this pout polish now!

  4. I love the colors! :) could you take a picture of your lips with the pout on?

  5. the colors are so bright in Caribbean Scene! I really wanna try out Sleek palettes soon. They're difficult to get here in the US tho >.<

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhh another post on sleek, i so wana get it!

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  7. wow! those colors are SO vibrant.. i love! too bad shipping to the US is ridiculously expensive..


  8. for some reason I found the Caribbean palette more attractive :D even though I'm a huge neutral colors girl. maybe it's because the color combo just looks so bright and happy XD

  9. Gateau is a GORGEOUS color! *_*

  10. gorgeous products! i agree, i'm totally in love with the oh so special palette! it's gorgeous! i'd love to order online but it seems like the shipping is quite a bit! $13.50. ): i really want to go travel to london and many other places in europe! (:

  11. I love Sleek!!!!


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