16 July 2011

Review: Dali Chocolate Brown - EyeCandyLens.Com

Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm effect
Base Curve: 8.6
Power: plano, -0.50, -1.00 to -5.00 (0.25 step), -6.00 to -8.00 (0.50 step)
Duration: 1 year disposable

A couple of weeks ago I was sent these lenses. I have heard nothing but good reviews so I was extremely happy to be trying these. The shipping was quick and the lenses were packaged well. Upon trying these, one specific lens felt VERY uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that my eyes became extremely red and painful. I contacted eyecandylens and without question, they replaced the defected lens, which I thought was great service. Once my new lens arrived, I wore them for my newest video.

Comfort Level
These lenses were pretty comfy, not the comfiest I have ever worn but these felt natural, no dis-comfort. I could only wear these for a maximum of 4 hours but keep in mind, this was the first time trying them.

These lenses look extremely natural, almost invisible. The colour is natural and believing, the diameter enlarges and enhances the iris without being obvious and overall, these make your eyes pop!

Price: $29.99

Buy them here: EyeCandyLens.com



  1. I was wondering if you were wearing lenses in your video! I mean, you must have been because you eyes looked so big and beautiful, but they just blend in so nicely they look SUPER natural. Love these on you! :)

  2. ohh they actually look really good! you can't really notice the lenses!

    [yazmiinaktar.blogspot.com] xx
    [yazmiinaktar.blogspot.com] xx

  3. I also have the same ones ^^

  4. Wow I really want these, super natural and good looking :)

  5. they are so so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo


  6. They look nice on you! I like this look. I am terrified of putting stuff in my eyes so I won't be able to try them out :s


    please come check out my new blog !


  7. i reckon korean lenses are the best, they're much more natural and definately more comfortable. btw i'm having a giveaway at my blog and i'd love if you could drop by and join! it's just 3 simple steps and you can win an amazing dress!

    xx from hong kong :)

  8. I inserted a link into my blog about you!

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  9. Those lens are so adorable on you~~~ >w<


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