27 July 2011

Made to Mix

Say hello to SleekMakeup's latest offering. Sleek never fail to amaze me with their affordable yet high quality products. Sleek are always on the money when it comes to products, they launched their sleek ink pots, one of the first gel liners to be sold in a drugstore and this time they have taken the lead and paved a new route for affordable drugstore lip paints. The whole concept is reminiscent of the OCC lip tars, INTENSIVELY pigmented and also, mixable. But the difference? Yes, the price of course. I was sent 4 of these little but impressive pigments.

These little wonders remind me of the acrylic paints I use when I paint, however, there is no diluting these with a little drop of water, what you see is what you get and boy are these intense! One small drop goes a long way, a very long way so I can imagine these lasting forever! A small bead is all you need for a fully covered, mind blowing lip that will last for hours and eventually dry into a satin finish.

You may be wondering why there is a white and a blue lip paint? well these are designed for mixing, the white lip paint mixed with another colour will give you a more cooler tone whereas the blue will give you a more warmer tone, clever huh? The best way to apply these would be with a lip brush for a smooth and precise application, Fingers would be a less wiser option, I can imagine messy and stained fingers, not a good look.

The only down side to these is the smell, they smell fairly artificial, almost like acrylic paints.

Pout Paints are available in 11 vivid colours, they will cost £4.99 a pop and launches on 3rd August 2011.

What's your thoughts? Will you be trying them?

(Disclaimer: Pout Paints were sent to me free for review purposes, all my thoughts and views are my honest opinion, I am not being paid nor am I affiliated with the company)


  1. Wow these are super pigmented! I will try the red I think!

  2. They're out already in some Superdrug stores :D
    I picked up "Milkshake" a couple of days ago and it's such a pretty pink! I can see myself buying some of the other colours, the pigmentation is truly amazing!!

  3. Love the pink one :D X

  4. I might get the red and pink one :D

  5. wow~ but with mixing colors and everything, this look like an “ advance” product.. & they def look like paints! If they kind of smell like them too... then i’m not sure if I could try it. but it does look cute =)

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. those shades are great! would love to see how you use them in your tutorials =)

  7. The idea of this is really great and brings out the creativity in makeup junkies! They're just so so pigmented. I'm really surprised! At first, I thought they were just paint tubes too. Haha.

  8. oooh I'll be looking out for these!

  9. Wow! Those look super cool! I want them now! haha

  10. ohhhhhhhh these are interesting, i am not keen on the packaging though, they could of done something to make it easier to mix for people... i can see it being messy.

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  11. Oh Wow! The price is way better.
    Start mixing! I would like to mix the red and blue or red and white :D


  12. so cool!!! but i'd probably suck at mixing since i'm artistically handicapped lol can't wait to see how u work with them!!

  13. o0o i want! i wish we had sleek make up in the states! i hate ordering online! esp when the product itself is cheaper than the shipping =(


  14. You made the french flag with the first three swatches. That's cool!

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I'm not even kidding, I am beyond excited to purchase these pout paints! I've wanted something like this for a long time but I could never get my hands on them for one reason or another, but the price and the quality look great (specially if you just want to play around with make up)! I would love it if they had a black pigment! Eeeek, these would be great fun to mess around with! :)



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