16 June 2011

Review: Maybelline Black Drama Falsies Volume Express

Product: Maybelline Falsies Mascara (Black Drama): Blackest Black

Price: RRP £8.19

What does it claim?

Maybelline describe this mascara as 'dramatic effect'. A voluminous look in 'matte black'. A new formula with extra long fibres and carbon black pigments, creating lashes that look longer and thicker. The mascara includes a patented 'spoon brush' which supposedly fans out lashes and ensures generous product deposit. The unique flexible stem is designed to help build volume without clumping.

This is what the 'spoon brush' looks like, the brush is pretty big and as soon as you open this perfectly packaged mascara, it's clear to see that the brush is loaded with long fibers. I found the wand fairly easy to use and for a wand so big (I usually dislike big wands as my lashes are tiny) I found it relatively easy to use. Application was pretty basic, I used the good old zig-zig method to ensure a even and generous coat.

Before Mascara: Lashes curled with Shu Uemura Lash Curlers

After one coat: I was pretty impressed, one fine coat instantly gave my lashes a dramatic effect, they looked longer, thicker and pretty defined.

Unlike many mascara's which give me volume, these held onto the curl pretty well. No drooping lashes.

After a 2nd coat: Lashes look dramatically longer, the curl is still there....

After my 3rd coat: Lashes are beginning to clump so I stop here. Curl has held really well, lashes look thick, longer and definitely very dramatic indeed. The pigment is very intense, my lashes stood out so much paired with my non make-up face!

Once they dried, I gave them one final curl with my lash curlers and used a lash comb to gently comb through to define and get rid of any small clumps/particles.

My Verdict:
I am definitely VERY impressed with this mascara, It performed better than expected! This is my 1st drugstore mascara in probably about a year, I had been devoted to my Majolica Majorca Lash Expander but I thought it was time I ventured back into the mascara market. I would buy this again, not only does it give a great and pleasing effect, the price is also very purse friendly. I have always been a Maybelline mascara fan, they have some of the best drugstore mascara's (along with Loreal). Mascara's need to be replaced every 3 months or so, maybe even sooner depending on the formula and how often you use it. The thought of spending £££ on a mascara is not an option for me, I have tried many which I regret and end up thinking 'I should of just bought a drugstore one'.

So, Have any of you tried this mascara? and how do you feel about high end/drugstore mascara?


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  1. Guess I'm heading to the drug store after work. lol. XDD

  2. this mascara seems pretty good!
    I've got to try this out someday!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Would you say it is as good as the Majolica Majorca mascara? I've been saving up for that mascara but can only buy it online and it's a bit pricey for me.


  4. i love this mascara...Maybellinne does the best mascara in the drugstore...the other one i like is Expresso one by one mascara..

  5. i love this mascara! i was pleasantly surprised when i first used it! it held my curl exactly the way it was curled, it was reallly black, gave tons of volume and a tiny bit of length. i have never had a mascara hold my curl so well! >< i haven't opened my majolica majorca one yet so thus far this is my fave mascara. move out lash blast.
    i'm getting so interested in japanese makeup after i went to HK to splurge on them :3 i just keep looking online and cravinggg.

  6. Wow! Love the results! I also tried the black drama version and at first I really loved it. However, it dries very fast and then it gets clumpy. I'm not really sure if the fibers are making this mascara drier than the "normal" pink Volum' Express....

  7. i have the normal formula and it doesnt hold my curl well :(
    they definitely do make your lower lashes look amazing though! x

  8. I bought this mascara the other day but I don't really like it as it doesn't give me the desired volume. I like Max Factor X-perience better.

    Will definitely vote for you :) good luck!

  9. I dont like mascaras that give me really thick lashes as I feel it looks obviously not natural. Im currently using a calvin klein mascara which is square shaped (not the wand :P) and it extend and volumises my lashes without making them really thick and clumpy - i adore it!

  10. So happy you reviewed this, I love Falsies mascara!! If you've got the technique right, I think this can work wonders especially if you have short lashes like me.

    Good luck with the Very competition, I've just voted for you :)


  11. I use IN GLAM BLACK COLOSSAL LASHES and LOVE IT. I coat a lot and it doesn't clump for me like other brands do. That and the price is the best :)

    BTW I voted!


  12. wow gonna add to my wishlist^^
    thanz for the review..

  13. I tried the falsies(in smudgeproof version)...I think that's horrible...doesn't thicken, lengthen and hold curl at all....maybe this one will be better :)
    Thanks for your review anyway:)

  14. This looks very good on you! I did a review on the volume express mascaras by Maybelline if you would like to check it out?


    Sophie xx

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