6 June 2011

Retouch Regrowth

Strolling along the aisles of Sally's. I always get overwhelmed by the amount of hairdye staring back at me. Up until now, I have always opted for Goldwell Topchic. This time, I decided to test another brand out. Looking at the colour charts mounted on the wall, I opted to try ion. A brand with a very wide colour choice and actually £1 cheaper than the Goldwell.

I opted for a Light golden ash blonde to retouch my roots.

My dirty and ugly regrowth!

I begin by applying it to my roots, once my roots are covered I spread the remaining dye between the palms of my hands and run it over the rest of my hair, this will ensure that the roots and the rest of the hair colour will blend and look more even

Once the mixture is applied, I wait, anticipating the colour. I know for a fact that it won't match the rest of my hair colour perfectly because this is a new brand, a new colour but after washing my hair, the results are pretty impressive! The bonus was, my hair felt like silk!

My olympus camera likes to pick up on warm tones making my hair look more orange than it actually is! The bottom image is a more true representation of the final colour without the orange flashback near the niddle....

Overall I am satisfied with this brand and colour. My next task is to take my hair to a VERY ashy cool toned light brown. Of course, I will be sharing the experience with you guys, I sense a purchase of grey hair dye! ^^

For those who always ask me whether I bleach my hair or not, the answer is NO! I simple choose a very light hairdye as shown in this post. I am not sure how many times I have said this now but you do not necessarily need bleach to achieve a light hair colour, did you see how dark my roots were? black! Hope this helps some of you out there ^_^


  1. I love your hair colour! I really need to try out DIYing it at Sallys, thankyou for your post^^



  2. nice! that's what i do aswell. i buy a blonde colour if i want to go brown and use a 30vol peroxide.

  3. this is the nicest colour ever!!! I love it!!! Great review too!!

  4. Nice colour! Most of the times i use Baby blonde and it turns out Orange, which i hate, but it calms down into a darker shade in a week or so. Your hair looks amazing :)

    Is your natural colour black?

  5. Thank you for this post. I hate bleach and I can't picture myself putting that stuff on my scalp either.

  6. thats awesome! ive been trying to dye my hair like yorus but it keeps coming out brown! lol. i bought light ash blonde.. then extra light ash blonde. still same thing so ive given up lol

  7. Wow I like you. very happy. ชอบมากเลยคะ ... เด่วจะลองทำดูนะค่ะ ... สุดยอดๆๆๆ^^

  8. Such a beautiful blonde! And it's not yellowish! I like it, it's perfect for you! (:


  9. i just dyed my hair grey recently and i love it XP im korean so my hairs originally black which made my hair a greyish, brownish, hazelish, blondish colour........haha

  10. The ion brand hair masks are awesome! That's probably why after the hair dying, your hair felt good (: Thanks for this post!

  11. Your hair looks great! :)
    Does this dye contain ammonia?

  12. pretty! may I know whether one package of Liese is enough for long hair just like urs? ;)

    nice colour!!

  13. Thanks for the tutorial Suzi. : ) Actually, I went to Sally's (USA/Virginia) and the manager said they don't sell the Goldwell type you use. She said I would have to be a professional with a beauty liscense to purchase that. I used other brands instead but my Korean jet-black hair didn't dye when I used "Loreal Color Gems Volume 9 activator" along w/ "Clairol Professional Soy4Plex Liquicolor permanente" (Very light cool neutral blonde/9AN/40D). NOTHING happened to my black hair. :( My money went down the shower drain! :( I went back and had to buy "Salon Care Professional 20 volume creme developer" along with "Clairol Professional 7th stage creme hair lightener" and mixed with the same Clairol 9AN/40D and the same Loreal volume 9 activator. THEN my hair finally turned orange/dark brown! : ) I guess my jet-black hair reacts different from yours?

  14. has anyone here tried dariya pala


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