2 June 2011

Drugstore Deals

Browsing the Boots drugstore, my purpose was to pick up my favorite cotton pads (double faced) and a new body scrub since mine had run out. After picking up both items I realized Boots were doing the 3for2 offer across all products! LOVE IT!

Of course, I decided to choose 2 more items, hello free body scrub! ^^

I eventually bought MY HG body scrub, check my recent review. This body scrub is lush! Along with Palmers Skin Therapy Oil and Vichy Calming cleansing solution.

If you follow me on twitter then you may of heard my raves, I am totally in LOVE with cleansing water. Not only is it super gentle and effective, it has also helped my skin keep a balanced PH level meaning less breakouts and less dry patches. I have been using the Lancome version for the last few months but I am running low, as much as I love the product, I find it too pricey. Cleansing waters run out so fast and I went through this bottle so quickly. Therefore the Vichy one is much more affordable at just half the price of the Lancome, much more purse friendly! I am so looking forward to trying it!

I also picked up a Palmers Skin Therapy Oil. My weight fluctuates a lot, like a super fast yo-yo. The good news is that I have lost weight since last year but the bad news is that through weight-loss, I have gained stretch marks around my bottom area. Not good. Hopefully this oil will work a treat and help diminish the appearance. Updates will follow ^^

That was my quick little haul, have any of you took up the 3for2 offer? I must stay away from boots until the offer has finished!


  1. The double face cotton pads are my favourite too! I tend to stock up on them when it's on offer in Boots hehe.
    I've been wanting to try out cleansing water, mainly Bioderma but it's so hard to get hold of in London! x

  2. I took up the offer last weekend when they had the 10 points for every pound spent, so every purchase was doubly justified (or so I tell myself, lol).

  3. Wow Vichy! Can't wait for your review about that :D More affordable than Lancome <3

  4. The Vichy one is very good! In fact even better than the Lancome one :)

  5. hope to know your updates about the skin therapy oil as soon as possible! :)

  6. oooooh i always learn something new from your posts


  7. I've had the same problem, bio oil is the only thing that has ever really worked to fade the stretch marks, you can still see mine in certain light but they match my own skin color really well

  8. Bio Oil and Re-gen Oil (same company) works really well. I used them for acne scars and it made my skin look so good.

  9. looking forward to your updates/reviews on these products suzi! great post! :D

  10. Damn, I need something for stretch marks >_<"

  11. I love Palmer's cocoa butter especially their lipbalm!
    bisous, nana


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