24 June 2011

Back to basics...

Clinique are currently having their 'bonus' offer at House of Fraser along with various other department stores, walking past the counters triggered my mind... Lets get back to basics. I have and always will be a avid fan of Clinique. I grew up using this and many of my 'good skin' days were owed to this trusty brand. Being the typical beauty junkie, throughout the years I have been through many different skincare brands, some were good, some broke me out. My remedy was to always comes back to Clinique, which repaired my skin before I moved onto another brand (doh) Lately, my skin hasn't been so good and what better way to restore it?
I pursued the counter with my holy grail face wash and toner and was gifted with a 'bonus' treat, a bag full of goodies. Hands down, Clinique do the best 'bonus treats'. The samples they give are always a mixture, skincare,makeup and bodycare, which are always in a extremely generous size. I currently have the samples with me on my travels! bonus!
I have been using Clinque again for about a week now, it never fails to disappoint. My skin is recovering at a rapid speed, my overall skin texture feels renewed. I am a happy lady, I ought to know that once you find something good, then stick to it ^_^


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  1. i've never tried clinique skincare. but that bonus gift looks like such a good deal!

  2. I love Clinique skincare products as well!!! they do they best moisturizer!!!!

  3. Clinique does have good GWPs (Lancome has some great ones too!) and I always seem to get suckered into going to the counter to make a purchase. I'm currently using the same facial cleanser even though I have oily skin and it works well. I've used their oily skin cleanser before and it really dried out my skin :( I've also used up an entire huge sized bottle of the same toner but I really hated it :( The alcohol really didn't do much for my skin. Glad it works well for you though! What are your thoughts on the eye cream? :)

  4. Suzi! Love how the frames look on you! i've never tried clinique before.. seems good!

  5. wow clinique, i always what to try these products..

  6. You definitely have my vote! :)

    I've heard mixed things about Clinique, and many say it's dependent on your skin type - I've got mildly oily skin and I was wondering what type of skin you might have? :) Because I'm very keen on getting my hands on their 3-step-treatment


  7. I used to be on the Type 3 three-step treatment (for oily/combination skin, or just not super-oily skin). I liked them at first, but I grew tired of using an unnecessary toner. :[ I also worry about Types 1 and 4, since most people definitely do not fall into the extreme categories and might have their skin seriously stripped if they get mis-typed. :[ The white Clinique lab coats are fairly misleading about the qualifications of their "specialists"...

    However, I overall like the brand. :D Has anyone who uses the skincare systems noticed a change since the reformulation this year? I've considered trying it out again, as my skin seemed to dry out with the old formulation, but...

    (P.S. Their 7 Day Scrub Cream is divine! Anyone with exfoliation needs should get it - gentle and effective and eek! <3)

  8. i've never tried clinique before,..,.i may one day when i rund out of my current skincare products.

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  9. wow Suzi, you're in the lead for the Very vote!!
    so happy for you and good luck xxxxxx


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