17 May 2011

Lens Review: Princess Bambi - Chocolate

After falling in love with the green apple ones, Shoppingholics kindly sent me the chocolate pair too...

Read my Green Apple review HERE

Again, these lenses are super comfortable, probably one of the most comfortable circle lens I have tried. Not only are they enlarging, they look alot more natural than other larger diameter lens. I like to wear these chocolate ones during the day and the green apple ones during the night.


  1. Love it!! Look so cute on you!! Loving your make up look here! And your skin is flawless you look like a porcelain doll<3

  2. So nice! I'm so tempted to buy them now too. I love the different colours with the lense to give it more depth. You look gorgeous!

  3. these look really natural. you are stunning! x

  4. They look super nice! I have a hard time believing that they're actually THAT comfortable tho O_x" I've been wearing the GEO Angels and they're just so flippin' annoying! -kicks lenses-

    I LOVE the Sesame Greys of this series! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  5. These look so pretty on you. They compliment your features and look pretty natural. ^^

  6. You have thee most massively amazing eyes ever. :P

  7. These are really nice!! I've never heard of this brand. What is the diameter of the lenses and how long are they supposed to last after using them?



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