4 May 2011

Just one colour...

For some reason, I have been continuously buying mint/blue toned nail polishes. Like a bee to the honey, everytime I see a new one, I flock to it. 99% of the time, my nails are lavished in one of these cool toned colours. My small collection so far...

Orly - Gumdrop
Revlon - Minted
Nature Republics - GR603 bought in Korea
Anna Sui - 100
Skinfood - BL005

China Glaze - for audrey
Models Own - top turquoise
17 - mint choc chip
Collection 2000 - Button moon

Illamasqua - Raindrops
Barry M - Blue Moon
Canmake - 13
Eyeko - Rain Polish

My Favorites:

Nature Republic - True milky mint colour, easy to apply, needs just one coat and lasts a long long time
Orly - Lovely more blue toned mint, easy to apply and needs one coat only
Eyeko - Such a unique shade, a more grey toned blue which gives a more sophisticated, muted finish

The Least Favorites:

Models Own - Just because it has separated, I haven't even had it as long as some of the others
Revlon Minted - I find I need about 3 coats to get a even finish


  1. omgsh! I have the same colour obsession as you!
    I always find myself painting this shade or a baby blue shade.

  2. That Models Own looks like such a beautiful shade!

  3. Pretty! I love the look of the Anna Sui and maybe the pretty bottle has something to do with it. ^_^

  4. i love minty colors on my nails as well:) you have an amazing collection! You should check Essie's Mint Candy Apple and Absolutely Shore... They are so pretty, and the consistency in my opinion is very good:)

  5. how can you call that a small collection? :P

  6. I love the China Glaze colour! Look out for polishes in Claires accessories! They do some great pastel shades!


  7. I was really tempted to pick up that Barry M shade - is it any good? I love the design of the Skin Food bottle :P Xx

  8. The colors are amazing, I like how they barely have any shimmer or glitters in them.

  9. i find myself buying minted blue nail polishes all the time too, they are the best for summer, way better than pinks.

  10. Aww, ive been eyeing that Revlon one, too!

  11. lovely collection! I love mints and blues too ^^

  12. Nice collection :) I want to steal it

  13. I love thos such colors too! I like the Revlon one.

  14. I can see why you love these colors, they look great on you! I think they can be a good color to calm you and relax when stressed :)

  15. im exactly like that with corals-peaches, just cant get enough of them!

  16. Beautiful!! I'm wearing Revlon Minted now and totally loving it!

  17. crazy mint collection, i don't even think i have one. i'm rather starting to like the colour now... >_< so jelly.

  18. I love that Anna Sui bottle! beyond cute, and that Model's Own one is freakin fab. Great post :)

  19. I love this blue color as well~~ I have the skinfood nail polish and I love it!

  20. I love these type of colors! I always seem to buy similar shades for eyeshadow palettes and polishes as well : (

  21. Suzi! Because of you i love mint colour of nails ^_^ you inspire me girl <3

  22. You should get your hands on Chanel in Jade. It leans a bit green (obv., the color name is Jade), but it's such a gorgeous mint color!


  23. Have you tried the ombre effect with these?


    - Daisy x


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