4 April 2011

How to Make Green Tea (Matcha) Cookies

A few weeks ago, I posted some pictures on TWITTER of my freshly baked green tea cookie. In response, the questions flooded in... How did you make them?!

So last Friday, when I decided to make a fresh new batch I photographed every step ^_^ So here is the recipe and instructions, beware, extremely picture heavy! ^^

Before your start, whack on your oven to 180degrees

To begin with you will need:

One egg yolk
250g unsalted butter (room temperature)
One tablespoon of Vanilla essence
350g Plain flour
100g icing sugar
2.5 tablespoons of green tea (matcha) powder

Kitchen utensils:

Electric Whisk
Rolling Pin & Board
Large empty bowl
Cutters, I used heart shapes

1. Measure out all your ingredients, this will make it easier along the way as everything will be ready, no stopping to measure etc..

2. Dice the butter, keep the pieces quite small. This will make it easier to mix

3. Sieve the icing sugar into the butter, do not think about not using a sieve! We want smooth flow, no lumps and bumps =p

4. Turn on the electric whisk and whisk away until mixture is light and fluffy

5. Add in the egg yolk, the vanilla essence and green tea powder

6. Whisk away until its all blended, light and fluffy

7. Now sieve in the flour and whisk away, you may have to use your hands to knead the mixture at a later stage when your whisk cannot handle the thick dough

8. Next, flour your rolling pin and board. This will stop the mixture sticking to these surfaces

9. Take some mixture and knead it, then roll it into a ball like so...

10. Using your pin, roll it out and proceed to cut out the shapes

11. Once cut, place onto a baking tray and bake for 10-11mins (keep checking on them) and walla! nice fresh, ready to eat green tea cookies. Remember to let them cool on the tray for at least 10mins on the tray.

These are great for presents too, I put some into presentation bags and gave them to family and friends as gifts, they will love it! Handmade and wrapped with love ^_*

If you ever decide to give these a try, let me know how they turn out! Happy Baking ^_^


  1. It looks so tasty :D

    Brazil loves you suzi <3

  2. mmmm I love matcha!!! I'm gonna try this out <3

  3. Mmmm these look delicious! Shame I burn everything I bake...


  4. They look great! I just made green tea cupcakes today!! probably post them soon

  5. NOMNOM! I shall try these \(Ò_ó)
    Where can I get green tea powder? : D

  6. omg i love it! that is so cute <3

  7. ya where can i get green tea powder in the uk?

  8. Oh they look fantastic, I will have to try making these! xx

  9. They look so goood... I'm so tempted to bake again!

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  11. These look delicious!

    Was wondering though, do you think that by baking them for a little less time, or adding more green tea powder to the batch would help the cookies retain the original green color when finished?


  12. I def. going to try this! Thanks for sharing :]

  13. Mmm, I will definitely try this out =)

  14. They look so good~ I can't wait to give it a try :] I love baking~~

  15. Yummy! I'll try it out! =D

  16. Nice Nice Nice Nice Niceeee!! I heart greeen teaaaa x

  17. YUM they look really good =D
    i love matcha <3


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