18 March 2011

Peachy Keen

You know that spring has arrived when you start seeing corals and peaches. The new collection from Sleek Makeup is no exception. The new Avoir la Peche Collection is inspired by peaches from all over the world. I was sent two items from the 3 piece collection which involves:

-The Paraguaya I-Divine palette £6.49
-Sugar May pout polish £4.29
-Pan Tao blush £4.29

I personally LOVE these items, I am such a sucker for any peach makeup.

The put polish is soft, creamy and moisturizing however the blush is rather chalky, LOVE the colour, but not the texture of the blush.

This collection launched on the 16th March 2011 in Superdrug stores and online at www.sleekmakeup.com

Whats your thoughts?

(Disclaimer: I was sent both item for review consideration, I am not affiliated with the brand and all my opinions are honest, as always!)



  1. I've really been dying to try the blush.
    I like the colour, but ughh the terrible texture.
    Also, pout polish is just a standard thing in my collection. LOVE THEM!


  2. I just blogged about this collection too! Id love to get my hands on the blush :) its beautiful.

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  4. wow, such a pretty color,
    and beautiful swatches...rally great color

  5. hello suzy!!!
    i really admire u~~
    can i ask u something?
    im from malaysia
    and i want to find a perfect bb cream for me..
    can u recommend me one cuz here in malaysia,
    the bb creams are really difficult to find..
    the only bb cream that i know is only from etude house and maybelline..
    can u help me?

  6. love this colour items cz i love peach
    why u don't like the texture of the blush?

  7. The powder blush is BEAUTIFUL! *__* maaan, if only I was tan enough to pull off peachy tones.

  8. I've got these items too - I love the colours from this collection!

    I'm not sure if the eyeshadow palette is wearable, but I'm sure I can mix a little peach into a neutral eye & make it work!

  9. I love peachy tones, too! I'd love to see it on you, post some pictures!

  10. the blush is so gorgeous *-* want want want! Lol.. Would love to see you use it in a video :D

  11. ohh looks quitee pretty, not sure it'll look on me, =/ but i might just buy the blush :D



  12. colour looks amazing! but too bad about the texture....i'm stuck with orange/peach blushes...any other recommendations?


  13. soooo pretttty!!!! i love the peachy shades! :)

  14. They look so pretty. I want try out the pout polish

  15. i LOVEEEE the peach!!!!
    they should have just sent you the eye shadow too~
    that way we could see the swatches for it as well~

  16. the pout polish is really pretty ! how's the texture of it though, because I really dislike it when lip products have that sticky or thick feel to it.

  17. I wish they sold Sleek Makeup in America :( They look beautiful! The peach is so perfect for spring for sure :)

  18. I love that you're honest about the products you review! And I also love how you're not too harsh on your review. Some bloggers tend to criticize the product too much -- as if to prove that they're being fair and honest.

  19. they're both so pretty <3


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