8 March 2011

Lady Gaga Viva Glam II & Swatches

A week ago, I vowed to not buy anymore makeup/skincare until June. I wanted to see how much money I save AND also clear out my skincare draw which is overgrown. Despite this, I had to pay the MAC store a visit on Sunday to pick up some prizes for my YT contest. As I stood near the checkout, The GAGA II caught my eye. I had seen this online but never in person. It was love, I loved the colour, the texture and most of all it was for charity. So, I did what every girl would do and purchased one.

It is a really gorgeous nude with great pigmentation, it is more forgiving than 'myth', more peach than 'creme d nude' and more opaque than 'hue'.

Rimmel - Nude delight
Gosh - Darling
MAC - creme d nude
MAC - Myth
Mac - Gaga II

Just some comparisons, sorry, the lipsticks are lined up the wrong way =p

At first glance it reminded me of my fave lippy, rimmel's nude delight but upon application, it is slightly more beige whilst nude delight is more peachy.

I LOVE this lipstick, it is the only beige/nude that suits my skincolour. It is super wearable and it doesn't give you that concealer lips feeling.

Have you bought this yet?


  1. I've picked this up too.. oh how I wish I could discipline myself away from purchasing more makeup! Its much easier said than done.

  2. the lady gaga II is much softer than the first one... its cute :)


  3. awww you're lucky this worked for you :). I wasn't so lucky, it blended way too much w/ my skin so it looked like my lips fell off and i had none. Nice swatches! Looks good on you!

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  5. Gorgeous colour! I love the packaging!

    Been debating on buying this think I'd have to go into a store and test it out as I'm not sure if it'd work with my skin tone or not...

    Great post :)

  6. It's a nice color but Personally speaking I feel like nude lips makes a pale Asian like me look like I'm sick. I'll stick to my tinted lipglosses xD

  7. Awesome! Hi I'm a big fan of yours. This is the 1st time I've actually visited your blog before. Only yesterday did I actually watch your videos on YouTube. Since we're both asian here, I think those colors would look good on our skintone. If you want to, you can visit my blog. It's not very interesting to my opinion.



  8. great lipsticks

  9. I haven't seen this in person yet, either.
    I'm also trying not go to to MAC for as long as humanly possible, but I realllllly want a cream blush sooo I might check this out too, haha.


  10. really pretty nude color, reminds me of NARS belle de jour, but this one is more beige. Looks lovely on you suzi~^0^

  11. looks really pretty on you~~
    but it's probably too light for me =p
    very nice swatches btw~


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