22 March 2011

emerge a sex bomb

LUSH - Sex Bomb

'Jasmine- clary sage and ylang ylang to make you feel like a love goddess. The power of these aphrodisiac oils lies in their ability to relax you at the same time as warming your heart and other body parts. The ancient perfumers of the Mediterranean knew a thing or two about lurve and we're using the methods they used thousands of years ago for the same results. Whether you want to be calm for a big night out or a quiet night in- prepare to detonate a Sex Bomb.' (lush.co.uk)

This bath ballistic fills the bathroom with a sexy aroma, It turns the water into a girly pink and a small amount of bubbles are formed.

As soon as I sink in, I automatically feel super relaxed, the water is super silky and smooth to touch.

As I emerge from the bath, I can feel how my skin is smoother. It left a lingering sweet smell on my skin.

As much as I enjoy the bath bombs, I hardly purchase them myself. At £2.99 a pop I feel that they are rather expensive, I much prefer the bubble bars. You get more use out of a bubble bar and I am a girly girl so during bath time, I LOVE my bubbles, the more the merrier.

To me, these are luxuries that I may use from time to time for a long deep soak

What are your fave bath bombs?

(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes, I am not affiliated with the brand and my opinions are honest, as always)


  1. my favorite is the avobath :)

  2. This is one of my fave ones ...love sex bomb!!

  3. Haven't really tried a lot to have a fave :(

  4. my fav one is karma.. I have been sticking to this one for abt 5 years now....

  5. ohhh! u already try this one! I didnt yet!!! so kweel!!!And I do like the bubble Bar!!!

  6. I personally think LUSH is so overrated AND EXTREMELY OVERPRICED. (And I am the kind of person who doesn't mind spending money on good products.) At least Sex Bomb is £2.99 in the UK whereas in the States it is $6.45 = £3.94 I think people need to get over LUSH and LUSH need to get over themselves and stop ripping young kids off.

  7. I love this one!

    Another favourite is the comforter...it's more of a bubble bar though!

    Dragon's Egg is also a nice bath bomb :)


  8. My favorite are sex bomb and karma :) But yes they sure are a luxury :L

  9. Wow! I want a pink bath! That just looks too cool!! LUSH sent you free products? Lucky!

    One time, I had a cheapo bath bomb that also made the water pink. Much to my dismay my skin was pink when I emerged from the bath. Ha :P

  10. so pretty~
    bath bombs are expensive~~

  11. I frigging love LUSH... except when i go to their store because its too much smellyness going on


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