23 March 2011


On Sunday I went to the CCO. There are several around the UK. The best one will probably be Bicester Village. Here they have brands like Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Mcqueen and so on......

The discounts are pretty impressive but obviously some of the stock is pretty old. It really is a hit or miss sometimes. Most of all they have the Estee Lauder company store which means discounted MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown etc...

The amount discounted varies from store to store, some may be 30%, 50% or some even 70% I saw a pretty nice Anya Hindmarch bag discounted from £498 to £148... now that is crazy!

Below is what I purchased...

Remember from my previous post how indecisive I was about the Kors bag? well surprisingly they had opened a MK store! I am pretty sure it wasn't there the last time I visited. Anyways, my eyes were drawn to this bag, really similar to the bag I had been umming and ahhing about. I picked it up and instantly fell in LOVE. I actually prefer the badge on the front and the two belt buckles make it more detailed. It is also a medium size tote. Not too small or too big like the ones I was originally going to buy.

This bag is going to be perfect as my everyday bag, It would be perfect for work too, The long chain strap is perfect, a style that will never date, a classic style.

I bought a little Cath Kidston make up bag to throw into my everyday bag

Origins: Ginzeng eye cream, had heard good things about this, looking forward to trying it

Some cheapo sunglasses, perfect for styling outfits

Result! Happy with everything I purchased, If you guys have never been, I suggest giving it a visit. I ran out of time but if I had stayed for longer, Im sure my bank account would of hated me. The sheer joy of finding bargains is orgasmic ^_*


  1. I love the MK bag babe! makes me wanna go bag shopping now~ >.< hehe

  2. how much was the MK bag?? i really want to go to bicester now!

  3. Great haul Suzi. I love love love the MK purse! so chic and work perfect!!

  4. i love your MK baggggggggggggg!!!! it looks hot! i wanna go oxford now D: x

  5. love love love the shades!!! good we have accessorize in hong kong too!


  6. Oh I've been there once and it's good for shoes too :). Wished it was cheaper and bigger like the ones in the states =/

  7. I haven't heard of this store till now. I've been meaning to go to some Sample sales to see if i can nab anything but they're usually in London and i get lazy :P
    I want your baaaggg! So lovely. x

  8. Yayy! You actually got your bag! Thats swesome ;) I bet it'll look so good on you. Be sure to post some pistures! I'm on the hunt for a perfect day bag too. How inspiring, I wish I could visit London..sighhh

  9. Love your bag!

    Hey, I'm doing an international giveaway on my blog: http://sharithstars.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

    Check it out/participate, alright:)

  10. SUCH a nice purse : D love it!
    Man.. I wish there were CCO's here in m area -__-"

  11. I've been really wanting to go to Bicester Village for ages now but I can never seem to find the time :( Your post has made me book a date in my diary lol. Great haul hun and I love Cath Kidson makeup/toiletries bags - they're so much more easier to care for than regular fabric makeup bags :)

    Love, Sarah xoxo


  12. MK Bag looks so hot. it's so you.

    Great Haul! <3

  13. LOVE the MK bag and the last pair of sunglasses =]

  14. Great pick. The MK bag is cute. I love your picture with the ice cream - the angle and blurred background.

  15. Ohhh the bag is beautiful!!
    You are right. Orgins' Ginzing eye cream really works wonders!! I have already used up a bottle already. Gonna buy another one!


  16. the mk bag you got is so cute! when you uploaded
    the other bag, i loved it, i looked for it at department store, but they only had green on left..and it was like 450dollars.
    i loved the dsn, but i wanted the black bag as you, so i didnt get it.but you really was lucky , this bag is so pretty too.!!

  17. Suzi, love your blog & youtube channel. It's hard to find beauty bloggers who's makeup looks are in line with the type of looks I enjoy wearing as well!!

    I just started my own blog, www.glamappetit.blogspot.com
    Would love it if you could check it out, follow, and let me know what you think!

    Anyway, the Origin's eye cream is pretty good. I've used it before, and as with most eye products, unless you have any major issues in that area, it's hard to see much of a difference. That's how I felt about this, but it definitely feels good and hydrates well.


  18. i remember goin there with my mom n she also got a MK bag for my aunt it was really cheap and good even if they are older version they're still nice =)

  19. Im obsessed with MK. I havent seen this purse in America yet :( Its definitely something i would purchase!


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