3 March 2011

BB Battle...

Over the years, BB cream (also know as blemish balm) has rocketed. It has become a staple product in many women's (particularly asian) make up bag, including me. All over asia, women are going crazy for these, thus more and more brands producing them. A endless list of brands now produce bb creams, with even M.A.C and Maybelline jumping on the bandwagon (available in asia only) this is pretty major right when compared to a couple of years ago, only a handful of brands were producing them.

Often I get questions, many wondering what bb cream is? The name pretty much speaks for itself. It is a base, also classed as a skin care product which covers whilst hydrating leaving the skin looking it's most natural. Not only this but these little wonders also contain beneficial properties. Depending on which you choose, they can offer:

-Skin Whitening
-Blemish Healing
-Anti wrinkle
-Skin tightening

BB cream was originally produced for those who participated in surgery, It was initially used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes. Originally produced by Germans, it was the Korean celebrities who first sprung aboard this little miracle product, the rest quickly followed.

Many have replaced their foundation with BB cream, after all foundation at most, can only offer SPF. Whenever I am having a breakout, I always switch to bb cream as it helps heal my skin whilst feeling light and natural.

Below are a selection of bb creams I have tried, some good, some bad, some just average......

SKIN79 Triple Function

I am currently using this one, The coverage is fantastic, the texture blends like a dream and the colour is non offensive. It has a pump dispenser which i really like, personally I think pumps should be essential for all face products. It contains whitening, wrinkle free and SPF. This is on of my Faves =) 5*****

DR Jart Healing base BLACK LABEL

Again, this is also one of my faves, the colour is slightly darker than the skin79 but again, it gives fantastic coverage and lasts all day. It blends beautifully and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, fresh and blemish free. 5*****

Elisha Coy Triple BB

This baby covers everything! it is of full coverage and lasts all day long, it blends seamlessly yet looks really natural. The only negative to this is the smell and the colour. The colour leans towards the pink side and can sometimes look quite ashy. Blusher is a MUST with this product. 4****

Some that I didn't really rate....

Missha Perfect Cover bb Cream (I used shade 21)

Colour was a little pink, I got quite greasy very quickly 3***

Skin79 Diamond bb cream

Quite dry but good coverage, colour becomes quite dull and ashy after a while 3***

Skinfood Aloe BB Cream

Colour is rather dark for me and it has a fragranced smell I am not too keen on 3***

Hanskin Premium BB cream

Didn't cover as well as my 3 faves did but was very moisturizing. 3***

Have you tried bb cream? do you notice a difference in your skin?


  1. suzi, did the missha bb cream break you out? im not sure if its just me but i noticed that my skin clogs and breaks out even more when i use bb cream :(

  2. Hi Suzi, can you recommend a BB cream for ultra pale skin? At the moment I am using Etude House precious mineral BB cream but its almost finished :/

    Thank you

    Marina xo

  3. I agree with Aretha... I heard on the news that bb cream actually clogs up your pores more than foundation does.

  4. I've heard a you-tuber talk about these before, I suffer from really dark blemishes. Are all those products available in the UK? I don't think I've ever seen the MAC or Maybelline one...x


  5. I love the skin 79 triple function one too!

  6. Hi Suzi! You know, I have the missha and skinfood bb cream and had a laugh when I saw them in your 'not so good' list!!!!!!! I remember spending a ton of money to order them from asia and, maybe cos I had too high hopes, was quite dissapointed by the result. Maybe I wasn't prepared for the 'sheer' coverage. Nevertheless I do use them off and on. If its a light foundation you're looking for you must must MUST try Chanel's VitalumiƩre Aqua....super fab!!!!!!!!! xxx

  7. Skin 79 Super triple function is my favorite BB cream, and I noticed it was one of yours too! I really wanna try the other cream you gave 5 stars!

  8. Ahh - I'v never heard of BB cream before! I'm going to China in the summer and want to buy some - what kind of shops sell BB cream, aside from the obvious ones like MAC and Maybelline? And where can I get the Skin79 BB cream in China you're using right now?

  9. I saw xsparkage on Youtube do a video on BB cream, it looks really cool. Are they available anywhere in the UK?

  10. ooh I have to try MAC's BB Cream! ^^

  11. I love posts which compare different BB creams! I am tempted to try either the SKIN79 Triple Function or the DR Jart Healing base BLACK LABEL! It'd be nice to try the MAC one as well...

    Thnak you for sharing :)


  12. I really want to try the Skin79 hot pink BB cream next. I'm currently using Skinfood Aloe right now in shade #1, which is a pretty good match for my skintone.

  13. You should try the BRTC jasmine water BB cream, suzi, it's really moisturizing and has great coverage, one of my top favourites^0^

  14. i like that pink i heard a lot of review, i have missha before, but after 30 - 40 mins. it become greasy.. missha is so heavy to me...

    im planning to buy, etude house bb cream,..

  15. very helpful reviews!!! gonna check out some of your 5star bb creams =D

  16. Thank you for this review! I am a true convert to BB cream as well. Been using Missha's BB cream for years (btw, they have a new type of BB cream which is more moisturizing and give you a natural glow)... I always feel like there is a better bb cream out there haha... Now I have to try Skin79 Triple Function!


  17. Hi Suzi ! I don't like BB creams, they make me break out ! I've only tried skin79 though

  18. Wait, does the first BB cream actually whiten your skin? Why would you want that? Then your face would be lighter than the rest of the body...

  19. My fave is Maybelline's BB Cream super nice coverage~ I used it everyday :)

  20. Thanks for the review! I need to haul some BB cream when I got to HK and Korea in the summer and was wondering whether you suggest getting BB cream in HK or Korea (price-wise). Also, did you find clothing to be better priced in HK or Korea?

    If you read this, could you email me at gloria.dolcesmile@gmail.com?

    Thanks Suzi

  21. are there any bb creams for black skin????

  22. Remember...if your pores are clogging up not Everybodies skin is for BB. Like Suzi said, It is particulary for Asians. Everyone has a different reaction to BB.

  23. I just ordered SKIN79 Triple Function. I've heard a lot of really good reviews so I really must give it a try :D


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