28 February 2011

Something we all do...


Its been a while since I did a FOTD. Todays look was a casual one. I do not normally like having my hair up, but I do get lazy sometimes and the thought of washing, blow drying and styling my hair can sometimes seem like a mission. Today I just wacked it up....

Sorry for the quality of the photos, their rather bad. Bad UK weather plus a macbook cam isn't the most prettiest snaps but ah well, Its not very often that you will see me with my hair up ^_^

Let the cam whoring begin....

Say hello to my speaking meow meow, I'm so mature right?!


Skin79 triple function BB cream
MAC blot powder in Light
Canmake contour powder in 01
Mac Blush in Pink Swoon


Kate gel liner to tightline
Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara on top and lower lashes


Rosey Vaseline

Jumper from Korea | Earrings from Vivienne Westwood

What does your 'cant be bothered today look' look like? ^_^



  1. aw, you look so relaxed with your hair up and little makeup.

    my casual makeup is usually my foundation, light blush, and usually just some good mascara. my hair i just spray with dry shampoo and i'm good. =P

  2. aww - so pretty! my casual makeup would be maybe just a coat of mascara, but i generally don't wear much make-up anyways! i watch your videos a lot just because you're very pretty and it's nice seeing how you make these different looks! :)
    you're a london designer? who do you design for? :)

  3. message from facebook page: Charle

    marry me! :D

  4. You look so pretty! I love this laid back look :)

    My can't be bothered makeup is just 2 coats of mascara and some concealer, quick and simple.


  5. even without hardly no make up on you still look adorable C:

    normally on my lazy days it's foundation,concealer,blush and mascara and if i have my dry shampoo spray spome of that it.



  6. Simple yet lovely FOTD! Rthanks for sharing!

  7. pretty! I use skin79 bb cream too ^^

  8. Your hair looks lovely up!
    Haven't seen you in Bluewater for a while ; ) xx

  9. Your eyelashes look so long without fake eyelashes.
    Wish mine were that long !

  10. I've been wondering for a while which model the black Vivienne bag is that you've sported in some of your OOTD posts : > ?

  11. oh you dont want to see my "i cant be bothered today" look! hahaha XD

    you look so sweet and natural in this FOTD! LIKE! :)

  12. You look so great with less makeup! :)

  13. You actually look so good without so much makeup!

  14. so pretty! i wish i looked half as good as you do without makeup :(

  15. u look gorgeous and very youthful in these pictures!! fresh "no makeup" face fits you well :D

  16. You look great even when you can't be bothered. When I do my cant be bothered look, I look like a monkey's ass! LOL


  17. Ahh! You still look good with your hair up ;P Love it. I was missing your FOTDs! Btw, what do you think about Skin79? I was told it could be could for dry skin. Do you think so?

  18. I love the look :D and your kitty cat plush <3 it's adorable!

  19. I like your hair up~
    but you look lovely either way :)

  20. Still looking pretty and kawaii!~

  21. I like your whole laid back look !

  22. pretty! i like your hair color too :D wow. didn't think you had anything on. you look so natural!


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