7 January 2011

Review: Lush- Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub

For Christmas, I was sent this beautiful scrub the review. Not until last week did I try this.


The sugar plum fairy scrub is part of the christmas collection, not entirely sure if it is still available but worry not, I tried their standard sugar scrub which is basically the same, maybe differently scented but they work in the same exact way...

On damp wet skin, the little scrub fits perfectly into the palm of the hands, along with the small amount of water, it melts as you scrub along. The grains are quite large compared to other scrubs, which are normally mixed with oil, lotions and potions. This little thing felt like a pure sugar scrub. At times, the skin felt raw if you scrub too hard like I did but once the sugar is washed off and a light layer of moisturizer is applied, the skin is transformed into a babys butt, ULTRA soft.

It is really easy to use and I would definitely buy this again, the smell was very sweet, just like sugar!

Have you tried the sugar scrub before?



  1. I've never tried it but it looks really neat!
    I would try it in a second :)
    I love sugar scented things...anything that smells sweet. I love!
    Great blog :)

  2. hehe want to try :) tks for the review <3

  3. Oh man, I just keep seeing really great reviews on these Lush products! It just adds to my wishlist...

  4. These things look delicious, good to eat, lol

  5. hey suzi. thank for the review. i'll tell my friend to send me that and try it out. been wanting a good facial scrub.

  6. Thanks for the review, it made me want to try these... Do you use a whole one at a time or does it last for several showers?


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