12 January 2011

Review: LUSH BIG shampoo

Give limp hair the volume it deserves, with seaweed infusion to soften hair and citrus juices for shine. After using Big, your hair will be bouncing back to life

50% Sea Salt Shampoo

Salt is full of minerals. Minerals maintain the water balance essentail for healthy life processes.

Lime Juice for shine

The fresh Juice of lime in our big delivers instant shine and leaves your hair feeling extra clean.

(taken from LUSH website)

£11.80 for 250g

I was super excited to receive this product. I had heard many rave reviews about how it can

make hair fabulously big and voluminous. Which girl doesn't want that hey?

I tried this after not washing my hair for a couple of days, I was ready for some serious cleaning


Upon wetting my hair and doing to norm, I scooped a rather large amount (long hair) and spread

this all over my hair, it felt very dry and almost didn't really lather, adding extra water, it started to

lather and the salt particles started to dissolve making them un-noticable after a bit of scrunching.

When it came to rinsing it off, my hair felt very dry and tangled, not something I usually like

putting up with, I slathered on some conditioner and then carried on like I normally would do.

After slowly patting my hair dry, my hair felt VERY dry and tangled, however it did feel squeaky


The aftermath:

Once my hair was dry, it was extra frizzy and dry, this obviously meant my hair looked a bit

bigger than usual, is this what they meant by BIG hair?!? I really didn't like the feel of my hair!

Thinking that this may be my problem, I gave it another go a couple of days later and my

thoughts/feelings for this product were the same. I didn't like it to be frank.

Would I purchase this again?

No, Its also rather pricey. I have very long hair and I can only imagine getting around 5 uses from

this tub

(disclaimer: this product was sent to me for free, for review purposes. However I am not affiliated with the company and my opinions are honest as always)



  1. I got given a VERY small sample size of this when I visted LUSH once.. I got 3/4 uses out of that!
    I had very long hair like yourself too...

    Maybe you're using too much of it and it's drying it out? I found it left my hair feeling very soft afterwards.. And squeaky clean! :) Xx

  2. Sorry to hear it didnt work for you :( But i guess the quickest way for get big or 'flufffy' hair is to in a way damage it... :S Hope your hair recovers from the dry-ness quick!!

  3. i thought it was quite good, but my hair was a little dry, gave my scalp a good scrub tho :P xoxo

  4. yes - salt tends to be very drying
    dont know what lush was thinking lol
    esp 50 % ... many shampoos have a bit of salt
    but i think thats just too much

  5. I thought it was ok. I liked the extra-clean feeling it gave me, but my hair definitely wasn't "big".


  6. Sorry this worked bad for you, 'cause personally it's one of my fave shampoos x

  7. I think you are using too much too actually. I have mid-lengths hair and it lasted me for months!

  8. Lime juice and salt sound like a combination for dry hair! Try using less like others have suggested.

  9. how disappointing :( tks for the review!

  10. Hi I work for Lush, sorry the product didn't work out for you but it does sound like you're using way too much. I always recommend 1 fingerful to wash your hair, rinse then another fingerful to give you the bounce. Plus salt can be drying but we balance that out with other beautiful ingredients. 50% is alot but it acts as a semi preservative meaning there's less preservative in that than a liquid shampoo. We also recommend using for a good few times as your hair will take some time to get used to a none synthetic product. Hope that helps x


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